Hong Kong’s events industry continues to produce larger, more astonishing and vastly complex projects to please audiences. JUSTIN CHOY and company are up to the challenge.

The trade of showcraft is an art exclusive to those with the right prowess and enough experience. For those who take up its practice, finding an avenue of differentiation can prove tricky. Avollusion has found its niche, and has gone on to produce many mention-worthy spectacles in Hong Kong and beyond.

“We discovered a lack of technical solutions companies in the Hong Kong events industry,” says Justin Choy, Managing Director. “Most of the existing companies are suppliers rather than solutions providers. We decided that not only could we become Hong Kong’s best technical supplier, but the city’s very first international caliber technical solutions company as well.

“Our goal was to have our clients give us the inspiration for their events, and we would then deliver world class solutions to their challenges. To do this, not only did we need to own a lot of equipment, we also needed to learn more and innovate, keeping ourselves equipped and updated on cutting edge technology.”

Heightened Expectation


The market’s constant exposure to science fiction in the media has created a huge thirst for fantastic multisensory effects in events; it would settle for no less than the newest, most dazzling presentations, pressuring the company to constantly outdo what was done before.

“The more magical and immersive the experience, the better. To address this, we constantly explore new technologies while finding ways to incorporate these attractions into the tight spaces that make up Hong Kong,” says Choy.

“We are a solutions provider. While almost anyone with enough capital can become an equipment rental company, we offer solutions for events that make possible what seems impossible. Our staff is trained to international standards, and quite importantly, look the part as well.

“When others will just take instructions and not think of the ramifications, we stay one step ahead; our understanding allows us to suggest alternatives if we predict that things might not go the way you want. Because we own all our gear, we know how to use it to the best ability. We fill a niche where clients need a knowledgeable and trustworthy technical team to design and deliver the most challenging and spectacular events.”

Exploiting Momentum

The company has already begun expanding its operations beyond the local territory, with the opening of Avollusion (Macau) Limited in 2014. The next steps involve further spreading its influence all over Southeast Asia with the hopes of becoming a truly global company in the near future.

“To be honest, our success can’t be attributed to any one individual or group of people. All the stars had to align in order for us to reach where we are today. So many people have taught us and helped our company grow in the past that there is no way we could list everyone here. Without them, none of this would be possible.”

Justin Choy remains ever grateful to the colleagues, clients, family and friends whose support from the beginning and throughout allowed him to realize his then fledgling company’s potential. This along with clear and definitive vision, daring and marvelous, transcendent execution have propelled Avollusion to become the brand of unmistakable quality it is today.


For additional information please visit www.avollusion.com