HARUYUKI YAMASHITA’s Japanese eyelash salon brand exhibits a global standard of service quality.

Noted for its unique, high quality products and techniques, Blanc Eyelash Salon comes top-of-mind in the eyelash extension industry. Before its arrival in Hong Kong in 2014, it had already established dozens of outlets all over Japan and Asia.

“As a business consultant for over 10 years, I have advised many different beauty companies around Asia,” says CEO Haruyuki Yamashita. “Most of these companies are located in Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Vietnam.” Given the opportunity to purchase one of his clients’ businesses, he took to the underserved eyelash extension niche and built the company that now spans branches in several territories in the region.

Top Notch

“Hong Kong has always been an important international city. As income grows, so does the demand for higher-level personal services. Personal healthcare and hygiene is on the top of that list,” he says.

“I believe the service quality of Japan is one of the best in the world. Allowing the personal touch of Japan to be extended to other Blanc branches allows people to get the same exact quality of service, skill, and products from Japan to Hong Kong.”

As a leader in the eyelash extensions industry, Blanc has over 70 shops offering the world’s most advanced techniques to over 100,000 members.

Such an institution it has become that it operates its own eyelash extensions school. “The school allows us to train more staff, and control the quality of their practice. This way we can make sure all our staff is of the right caliber as we expand our services to the rest of the world.”

A counterpart to its services is Blanc’s line of cosmetics products. “We have certain products that are designed to help maintain the quality of the lash. After lashes are extended, many normal eye products, including cleansing oil, cream makeup remover, and waterproof mascara, can no longer be used. Blanc has developed this series to allow customers to continue enjoying the use of makeup.” Among its more prominent items are the Moi 2 in 1 Cleansing Gel, an oil-free makeup remover and facial cleaner, and Moi Eyelash Serum that creates thicker, healthier eyelashes. The line continues to be developed.

Perks and Quirks of a Global Brand

“In Japan, people without a beautician’s license cannot work as eyelash designers, but in most of Asia, even those without proper credentials can easily do so. To maintain control of our service quality, we created a three level Blanc Eyelash Proficiency Test system. Only those who pass at least the basic level can work as an eyelash designer,” says Yamashita.

“As we expand into other countries, we have encountered different cultures that affect service. These cultural barriers make it very difficult to unify everything according to the ‘Japanese standard’. Further research on local cultures is required to better localize our shops while retaining the same level of service.”

With eyelash extension salons in Causeway Bay and Jordan, Blanc plans to open more shops in Hong Kong, as well as in Mainland China. By the end of 2015, the company will have new outlets in Beijing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and Wuhan.

“As of now we have over 70 shops around the world. Our goal is to expand rapidly – to 500 shops – in Asia, America, Europe and Latin America within three years.”

For additional information please visit www.blanc-beaute.hk