Innovation at its best. Anthony Choi has brought forth an influential new paradigm for printing services around the world.

While pursuing studies in Australia, Anthony Choi needed to fabricate promotional materials for a project. He observed the high cost of procuring just a single custom-made pull-up banner. Knowing he can provide a more affordable service, Choi returned to Hong Kong in 2006 to establish a digital printing company known as BannerSHOP.

Choi recognized the SME’s need for smaller print quantities, particularly in retail and service industries. Abiding by the philosophy of “fast, efficient with low-price”, BannerSHOP standardizes production processes with its 100,000 square foot centralized production hub in Hong Kong operating 24 hours a day, shortening production and delivery time, bringing SMEs the greatest business value.

BannerSHOP believes that professional knowledge and service, providing great experiences, matching market needs, reasonable pricing, and excellent products are pillars of success. It promotes “made in Hong Kong” products as excellent and quality guaranteed. Committed to environmental protection, BannerSHOP continuously introduces eco-friendly printing facilities and constantly upgrades its process systems.

More for Less

hkmvc16_BannerShop3The company has 11 stores in the territory, including Sheung Wan, Chai Wan, Wan Chai, North Point, Hung Hom, Mong Kok, Cheung Sha Wan, Kwun Tong, Tsuen Wan, Kwai Hing and Yuen Long. Its products are well diversified, from small to large advertising materials offered at competitive prices. They serve a variety of functions including business, outdoor events, weddings, parties and even student activities.

BannerSHOP utilizes the latest equipment and sources the best materials for its products. Its ultra-rigid, high durability, 5mm foam board is bubble and warp-free, and comes with a six month guarantee. Its HP Latex 3000 outdoor inkjet machine makes for faster printing of larger banners with no need to split cloth. Prints demonstrate anti-UV, waterproof and scratch-free properties, providing clearer, seamless images. Its expertise in sublimation technology allows fabric-printing services. Customers enjoy 1-2 year hardware warranties on pull-up banner packages.

Customer-centricity at BannerSHOP is highly evident in its intelligent pricing programs and next-day delivery services, giving patrons much welcome ease. Its computerized WIP system records, tracks, and accurately reports the progress of each order made. Its powerful VPLUS system unifies procedures from order placement to payment, artwork upload and delivery arrangement, strengthening the company’s internal operation and communication processes. A dedicated after-sales department facilitates customer relations and gives attentive support.

As product standardization and price transparency eliminated traditional bargaining and complicated procedures, printing services became more accepted, especially overseas. With consumer behavior leaning more toward e-services, BannerSHOP increasingly utilizes its one-stop online platform WOW to disseminate information, give quotations and take orders faster, easier and more conveniently than ever before.

100% Hong Kong Brand

BannerSHOP remains widely recognized, having received numerous industry awards. It supports a number of government agencies and NGOs, and actively promotes volunteerism among staff. BannerSHOP offers their own exclusive “BannerSHOP University” employee program that enhances staff performance through continued education and training, keeping employees sharp and updated. The company is an advocate for social responsibility and environmental protection, espousing a low-carbon manufacturing policy and pursuing green business and sustainable development.

A prime example of the famed Hong Kong entrepreneurial spirit, BannerSHOP boasts a strong retail network across territories. Seeking to apply Hong Kong’s business model to other parts of the world, it has successfully expanded to Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, and the United Kingdom, with more than 200 employees and factories overseas. With evolving ICT solutions, the company will continue to engage the online market to provide customers barrier-free shopping experiences, as true innovation never stops.


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