KOT TAN TAN and HOSANNA LAI HO CHING offer comprehensive design solutions to meet the increasingly sophisticated demand of Hong Kong’s premium homes.

Answering Hong Kong’s call for elevated lifestyle standards, interior designers Kot Tan Tan and Hosanna Lai Ho Ching established Arth Living Limited in 2013. A portmanteau of ‘art’ and the founder’s names, the company aims to provide space planning and unique design meeting ideal conditions of comfortable, modern living.

With the market’s wider horizons matching the city’s property prices, expectations are high. Put to the task are a team of seasoned designers with more than 14 years’ experience in interior and construction, equipped with a manufacturing facility for furniture production, ensuring top quality and better time control.

Planning and communication are top priority at Arth Living. “Comprehensive planning is a critical factor to complete the job quickly and smoothly as well as prevent problems or mistakes,” says Kot. “We eliminate any misunderstanding with our clients through effective and efficient correspondence. It is important that we are transparent and that clients can fully understand the procedure throughout, and are updated on the job’s status. Communication from planning through construction allows us to take responsibility.”

“We handle every aspect of our work seriously and carefully, including dimension planning, design concepts, project arrangements, manipulating construction and renovation, quality control, and customer service,” says Lai. “We run our business through wisdom and experience, while creating new ideas and making improvements. We are enthusiastic about the future of this industry, and work from our hearts to contribute to its development.”

The Right Material

“We put much effort in developing our brand ‘Arth’ and gaining more market share at all times,” adds Kot. Arth Flooring Limited was established in May 2015, devoted to delivering superior quality, astonishing and innovative products and services to global and domestic consumers. “We exist to support our clients, floor distribution partners, retailers, builders, designers and renovators by providing superior laminate, engineered & solid hardwood floorboards and clicklock vinyl tile flooring.”

For Hong Kong, only high quality performance floorboards with a very good industry standing will do. A wide selection of laminate and engineered wood floorboards and vinyl tile flooring are on display at Arth Group’s showroom. The company supplies laminate floorboards, European engineered wood boards and click-lock vinyl tiles flooring from Europe, the Middle East, and America. Arth Flooring Limited offers wholesale and retail floorboards imported from European countries as well as superior click-lock vinyl tiles flooring manufactured in its factory in China, which has become very popular across continents.

“Exceptionally valuable products and services help us gain a competitive advantage in the market,” shares Lai. “Our prestige relationships and partnerships with best manufactures in the flooring field continue to provide us with a competitive edge in product delivery, specification, inventory and pricing. We aim for diversified development of our brand in house products, hardware, building materials, etc. When it comes to these, we want people to think of ‘Arth’.”

New ideas, technology, and materials will ensure the continued growth and improvement of the interior design industry. Arth aims to remain a prominent participant and offer only the best to reach all its clients’ ideals, with the mindset and persistence to exceed any limitations.

For additional information please visit www.arth.com.hk