Industry veteran ANTHONY TO challenges the existing ways of carrying out event services.

Success in the demanding events industry requires unquestionable talent, creativity, and drive. As a veteran of the trade, Anthony To knows this too well, owing to his many years in advertising production and event management. His initial venture into the ad world in 2005 did not perform as well as he had hoped, mostly due to the economic environment of the time. Nevertheless, it strengthened the foundation for what was to become Aspire Event Management, built in 2011 with encouragement and support from To’s network of loyal clients and suppliers.

“I am always looking for new business opportunities,” says To. “The last 4 years marked a journey with some difficult challenges to overcome. But all throughout, the company has proven its proficiency and built strong, long-term relationships with customers.”

Name of the Game

Aspire Events Management aims to provide world-class creative, production and technical services for a broad range of live events, including press conferences, seminars, conventions, road shows, product launches, gala dinners, and exhibitions. As its name suggests, outdoing itself at each turn is a primary tenet within the company.

“Event management is a very competitive business. More and more companies are opening, while the market is getting smaller. Many outfits have moved to address the Mainland China market. We are one of the few groups whose focus remains in Hong Kong,” says To.

Securing a share in the territory is possible only if each of the company’s projects goes off without a hitch. “To turn an idea into a successful event requires a lot of preparation. Communication with our customers is very important. We see each event as our own, and pay attention to every detail. If any problems occur, we respond promptly. It is very important for us not just to see ourselves as a service provider, but also as a partner.”

Seeing endless room for improvement, the company continually renews its methods, both in general service offerings and in honoring client’s special requests. “Our aim is to not only tailor the event to our customer’s needs, but to also give them an unexpected, delightful experience.”

Leveraging Technology

“Technology has become a key part of contemporary event management. We have to think outside the box in order to stand out,” says To.

Aspire has its own innovation department which develops concepts to push the envelope for their services. One of its products is a patented app called inEVENT, which brings a completely new interactive event experience using mobile phones. With it, an event’s attendees can make use of their devices to form a giant, audience-generated screen.

“Our team sets a specific colour sequence for mobile phones to collectively display words, graphics, animation and video, working in partnership with the event holder to suit any occasion.” A complex program assigns the appropriate display according to a user’s location to create the effect. “The inEVENT mobile app is just the beginning. More will come in the near future.”

Anthony To, Founding Director of Aspire Event Management.

Anthony To, Founding Director of Aspire Event Management.

Shake Things Up

“My goal is to make Aspire Event Management Limited into a more diverse company. Plans to collaborate with TV and movie companies are in the works. We also want to enhance our video production skills and produce professional documentaries, television programmes, etc.

“We are also setting up an artist management department to provide a stable of artists for events at more reasonable costs than what other companies offer. Our objective is to train potential talent to become event presenters and performers. We will also give training in song and lyric writing, to supply customers with original songs for specific events.”

Under Anthony To’s direction, Aspire Events Management has branded itself a provider likely to change the industry landscape. Its innovative approach to the business is what companies young and old must emulate to find success. “We are well prepared for the future. When new opportunities come, we will be ready.”

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