Expertise, ambition and enthusiasm are essential to DANIEL CHAN’s recipe for success and progress in this fast-paced industry.

AsiaPac Net Media Limited initially focused on offering integrated e-commerce solutions to help clients develop online business when it was founded in 1996. Noticing the rise of popularity of online marketing channels, Daniel Chan and his co-founders took the opportunity to expand AsiaPac’s business to a multi-channel digital marketing service in Greater China.

With expertise and acumen in business development, Daniel led AsiaPac to becoming one of the pioneering leaders in providing effective one-stop cross platform digital marketing solutions, including search, mobile, and social media marketing, display and video advertising, and solutions for cross-border e-commerce.

Digital Performance Marketing

Consumers’ buying behavior has been changing in the past few years, shares Chan. “Over 95% of Hong Kong people now use the Internet to seek information, making a company’s online presence more important than before. Recognizing the significance of digital platforms, marketers are looking for cross-platform and cross-device digital marketing channels to complement their traditional offline ad campaigns. This shows in the highest growth in online and mobile media ad spending recorded last year,” he says.

“To fulfill the growing needs of targeting potential customers across channels, we have explored partnerships with different online platforms to offer clients a more comprehensive solution. From web portals to mobile platforms and messaging apps, we offer a wide range of solutions to fulfill our clients’ different marketing needs.”

AsiaPac’s business focuses on the Asia market. “Apart from partnering with global online advertising channels, we also help our clients advertise on local advertising platforms in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Russia. With our local teams from different countries, we are able to know the market well and help our clients break down language barriers. This enhances efficiency and effectiveness when developing their ad campaigns,” shares Chan.

“We understand that ROI is one of the most important performance indicators for our clients’ ad campaigns. In our result-oriented digital marketing campaigns, not only can our clients rely on the expertise of a dedicated account manager, but also on the latest intelligent ad management tools that we use to monitor ad campaigns. Auto bidding optimization and precise analysis allow us to provide constructive suggestions and help our clients maximize the ROI on ad campaigns.”

Requisite Growth

As online marketing matures, both advertising channels and advertisers seek improvements such as more precise and accurate targeting, and enhancement in cost effectiveness to fulfill market needs. This necessitates continuous updates in ad strategy and format among the online advertising platforms. As the industry moves, AsiaPac must keep up with its pace in order to keep campaigns optimized and grasp evolving business prospects.

“Coping with the rapid growth of cross-border e-commerce, we are exploring more opportunities to work with overseas advertising partners to offer more integrated digital marketing solutions to our clients and help them expand their overseas markets,” says Chan. “At the same time, we are also helping overseas clients enter the massive Greater China market. We can see great potential in continued development of online advertising platforms in Mainland China and will therefore further our business’ involvement there.”

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