Hong Kong avails the latest in innovative beauty technologies thanks to ANNA CHAN’s business foresight and grit.

Asia Pacific Beauty Group was established in 1998, and is now possibly among the most well-known consultants and suppliers of skincare products and beauty machines in Hong Kong.

“In the beginning, we only provided skincare products, however we found it to be a highly competitive market. We therefore considered shifting our core business from skincare products to beauty machines because of the present opportunity,” says Anna Chan. “At that moment, only few companies participated in the beauty machines business. Luckily, we found ourselves the exclusive supplier of beauty machines in the city, and systematically expanded our business. This is the turning point that made our company what it is today.”

Keys to Succeed

“Beauty is among the fastest-growing and highly competitive industries in Hong Kong,” shares Chan. “Consumers have a variety of choice. Our task therefore is to discover and source innovative and effective products from around the world to provide the best choice to our customers.”

Asia Pacific Beauty pays a keen eye to global beauty trends and developments. “We not only provide products and machines but also related services. We believe that offering professional services helps to build a trusting relationship with our customers. Good after sales service is the key point that leads to success.”

The company invests heavily to provide the best beauty machines, spa facilities and skincare products to its customers. Its products have gained global recognition and the approval of international authorities in dermatology and the medical field. Asides its healthy reputation, Asia Pacific Beauty Group is also the first supplier of beauty machines to have met the ISO9001:2008 standard in Hong Kong.

“We provide full-scale, premium quality service backed up by years of extensive professional experience. Our aim is to continually satisfy our customers by furnishing effective products that produce positive results.”

Going Digital

Asia Pacific Beauty has since inception engaged in B2B business, but the fast-growing proliferation of online shopping has encouraged the company to explore the B2C market. For this is it has begun optimizing its website for e-commerce, as an initial step.

“Online shopping has grown rapidly in past few years,” says Chan. “This not only changed the customers’ buying behavior but also increased competitiveness of the market, since thousands of competitors are already online, with more on the way, guaranteed. To capitalize on the large potential of the digital marketplace, we decided to expand our online presence to be within reach wherever our customers are, to know and readily provide for their needs and desires.”

Innovative and passionate, Anna Chan and company have excelled in the industry by applying these qualities to reach success. The beauty market remains among the most exciting and dynamic business sectors in Hong Kong. Asia Pacific Beauty is persistent in its exploration of new and improved beauty brands, machines and products, to enrich its offering and satisfy valued customers. Their desire for helping customers achieve, or rather unveil beauty is endless.


For additional information please visit www.asiapacific-beauty.com