Design is a combination of original elements and creativity. It has to be functional, beauty and practical, more importantly, every design should serve a purpose.

Art Deco Since 1980 tailor made home and office furniture as core business in Hong Kong, as the economic environment changed, many fast furniture enterprises entered Hong Kong, The Founder Andy Chu noticed that furniture design had a rather narrow prospect, so he decided to do interior design to hedge company risks. “ Environment changed, client’s requirement not just the qualities and long lasting, it’s need design elements in it’ Tony said that.

“If the company could have two lines of business, there would be some overlapping areas between the two but difference by engaging in both, the risk would be better controlled. Normally Client look for to customer made furnitures, they wanna including to do the space planning and insert the design elements, so inspired founder to set up the interior Design department, and Tony graduated in interior Design being the chief Designer at the firm.

“Besides, we could take as short as three months or longer one take a year, in interior design, we can build up reputation within a short period, in Fact, for interior design, it needs basic architecture knowledge, However they are different but have some common points.

Awards- the road to Fame

Hong Kong’s maturing interior design and From 2012, company achieved several awards, including most valuable service Awards ; Best of the Best Awards, Top 10 interior design Awards etc. Tony set up communication department to take care of the media and public relations works of the image and brand building. “This is my way of doing marketing, so far I have never approached clients directly.” Tony Said that.

“The Environment changed, house not just for self-used and for investment also, they usually will redecorate when brought new flats, they needs style and designation element in it. “our team had lots of experience and plenty job references, this opened up a huge market for us.” Tony very quickly aware through Awards builds professional image have more opportunities to enter the mainland or international market and thus made plan to explore the market.

Everyone sees that Chinese market is full of business opportunities in the future, but in Hong Kong, many estate developer planning or have been urban re-build and develop, many designers from all over the world are coming to Hong Kong or Asia to work. “Hong Kong is our Home, I believe we have more advantages to do something in the best.

System Optimisation

As the sales increase, the number of staff has also increase annually, “Human resource management has always been our concern, but I will keeping to visit other top interior design firm in Hong Kong or UK to exchange management experience in the future” Tony said.

Meanwhile, he constantly improves the company’s system and structure. Currently, there are serval designers and project managers working under him. Tony now sort the design process into five steps:

  1. Have kick-off meeting before the project starts
  2. Go through the concept designs followed with a review
  3. Communicate with client requirement for the detailed design
  4. Go through the working drawing makes details
  5. Must to on-going monitor the progress to ensure qualities

In each stage, there will be designated people responsible for signing off the deliverables in order to ensure the quality across different projects. In fact, Art Deco spent the most time on quality control.


Diversity in Creativity

However, Tony most projects mainly are apartment of residential, he planning mainly design for Duplex and Hightend apartments, next stage will move on to commercial and show flats design works, and also set up home accessories department to merchant best goods from other countries. Last Tony complement said “i believe no matters whether it is management or construction , we will use as the driving force, all projects are based on design concepts.

(Text supplied by Art Deco Design Limited)

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