GRACE KWOK and JAMES WONG dedicate themselves to promoting solutions against environmental pollution.

A densely populated city, Hong Kong takes environmental pollution very seriously, as it raises many concerns. It disrupts business, diminishes living conditions and adversely affects health. There are however many methods of mitigating the problem. What matters is finding someone reliable enough to implement these solutions.

Enter Grace Kwok and James Wong, respectively the Managing Director and Honourable Advisor of Allied Environmental Consultants Limited (AEC).

Esteemed Leadership

Grace Kwok has worked on numerous environmental impact assessments and built environment studies for both public and private development projects. With training in environmental engineering, she has in-depth knowledge in the assessment of noise, air and water quality impacts related to transportation and industrial sources. Much of her work focuses on the formulation of sustainable design solution for effective mitigation of environmental impact. Being a Green Building Faculty, BEAM Pro and LEED AP, she has the privilege to work on the earliest batch of certified green building projects in Hong Kong. Many of these projects have obtained BEAM/LEED Platinum rating and received Quality Building Award or Green Building Award, such as the International Commerce Centre, 39 Conduit Road, Double Cove, HKU Centennial Campus and HSBC Data Centre in Shatin. Grace is a member of the Public Education Committee of the Hong Kong Green Building Council. She also serves on the Board of Directors of the Hong Kong Institute of Qualified Environmental Professionals. Grace is currently the Chairman of the Hong Kong Institute of Acoustics.

Similarly, Dr. Wong is a Chartered Engineer and acoustics scientist, formerly an Environmental Protection Officer with the Hong Kong Government’s Environmental Protection Department. Educated at Heriot-Watt University in Scotland and having worked in Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, and throughout the Asia-Pacific region, he is one of the nation’s experts in acoustic research. His background in architectural acoustics, particularly in theatres and concert halls, has involved him in acoustic design for many music and performing arts venues. He is the Founder and Chairman of the Hong Kong Institute of Energy.

Industry Authority

AEC is an independent professional consulting practice providing services in a broad range of fields. The company maintains a balance of engineers, scientists and management professionals covering a range of core disciplines. Its core professional consultancy services include 1) green building and sustainability design, 2) environmental consultancy, 3) acoustic and audio visual design, and 4) Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting and data assurance. The company lists capabilities in green building certification (BEAM, LEED and China GBL), environmental impact and air ventilation assessment, building environmental/sustainable design, acoustics and audio-visual design, environmental management, monitoring and audit, and carbon/energy audit. Other capacities span environmental planning design, built environment study (daylight, ventilation, and light pollution studies, building energy analysis and thermal comfort, etc.), environmental due diligence, environmental training, and providing expert witness testimony.

As a 100% Hong Kong privately owned company, AEC has no affiliation with third-party material suppliers or manufacturers, enabling it to offer completely independent advice and counsel. It does however outsource vendors and subcontractors, allowing it to focus on professional expertise development from its impressive roster of specialists.

To date, AEC has completed over 1,200 Environmental Impact Assessment and green building design projects, and received numerous certificates and awards.

Stable growth in the field of environmental assessment and an even higher growth rate in the construction of green buildings show promise of many possible new opportunities regarding Hong Kong’s further development. With policy and community continue to lean towards considerations for sustainability, we believe the next step would be building climate resilience for business operations. AEC is actively expanding to the green building accreditation and ESG market in Mainland China. Differences in the PRC’s certification system, rules, and regulations may be a slight hindrance, one easily overcome through proper orientation and training.

With over 20 years’ experience, AEC continues to deliver high levels of customer satisfaction in the city, as it may soon do so across other territories. It is revered as a true pioneer in its field.

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