When wellness lovers want a one-stop-shop, they pick a brand that offers physical, psychological and spiritual wellness with products including health supplements, slimming, beauty, skincare, lifestyle as well as all-rounded treatment solutions, says CAROL LING, Executive Director of ASANA Wellness.

ASANA Wellness has grown to be a reputable company in driving and serving the 40+ aging customers across the Greater China region. The brand offers effective solutions to uplift customers’ wellness living, nurture their body, mind, spirit, and even relationships.

“We believe people at their 40s are energetic and charming, and they deserve to enjoy the rewards of their hard work and take time off to experience the finest things in life, and enjoy some down-time for themselves, so they become happier, live better life and be themselves,” says Carol Ling.

ASANA Wellness was established in 2001. The business was first started as a marketer of premium quality Chinese tea. Then it was dedicated to offering a variety of health care and beauty care products in order to promote wellness and provide the ultimate wellness solutions.

In the fall of 2004, ASANA Wellness had expanded the business into the spa treatment market, setting up its first ASANA Treatment Spa in Mongkok in November of that year, a progressive step to further promote wellness and healthy living.

Wellness Needs

“Our company differentiates ourselves from others as a wellness company which takes care of the physical, psychological and spiritual wellness of our customers, and offers full wellness products and services to our customers. We specialize in serving the wellness needs of the 40+ demographic,” says Ling.

“We pride ourselves in being a customer-centric company with innovation being the core value. We ensure that all customers are satisfied with our products and services simply because our philosophy is rooted in the need to help our customers to stay young, healthy and age gracefully. We want every customer to bring us referral business and that’s something you only get when you are dedicated to serving with your whole heart.”


Wider Scope

ASANA Wellness has successfully expanded into Greater China and aims to continue expansion into other parts of the world, providing quality wellness products and services to Chinese communities. “We are also expanding our medical wellness service in step with the market. Pragmatic expansion is important to retain control of the quality of our service,” Carol says.

“We have faced a lot of challenges over the years, during economic crises such as that in the year of our establishment, as well as SARS in 2003. Unyielding persistence, firm belief, good faith, and the endless support of our ASANA People, we continue to overcome business difficulties with confidence. We are delighted to have been awarded the prestigious HKMVC Award, a reflection of the dedication that we provide our customers. We and the team promise to serve better and bring more innovative solutions, positive impact and happiness to the communities. Thank you, Mediazone Publishing for this honour.”


For additional information please visit www.asana.com.hk