In an increasingly connected and informed market, businesses need the means to reach its audience, and gain on every major shift in trends, says LEO CHEUNG.

“The Internet has changed the human race,” says Leo Cheung, founder of Creation Media. A profound respect for the power of the digital plane took him and two partners into the world of online advertising. He has long believed that the Internet will take SME business models to the brink of great change, drawing customers in through new experiences. Already, many are seeing these changes take place, and Hong Kong is poised to be at the forefront.

From finance, technology, trade and other sectors, the standards of delivery in this city is world-class. The will and speed to adapt is evident among many enterprises here, as even small florists promote services in digital space. The market is transitioning as well, no longer confined to high streets and malls. Creation Media provides the machinery for different industries of any size, tailor-making solutions and offering more and better choices.

Early Adopter

“Our company prides itself as the pioneer in providing Google Mobile 7X24 services. We are a relatively young and dynamic team, and new opportunity excites us. Having kept a keen eye on the online market, our company has, for a long time been more agile in introducing new products than our peers. The Internet is ever changing, and only with constant innovation can we keep up with its pace. Therefore we uphold fervor and inventiveness to generate more value for our customers,” says Cheung.

Always tuned to improve and innovate, Creation Media’s additional services are crucial to distinguishing itself in the market. “We have a 24-hour customer support hotline, and all our sales people have to be Yahoo and Google certified, ensuring the quality of this team. Moreover, the core value of the company is to bridge the gap between customers.”

Achieving success and recognition in Hong Kong, it now looks to set up branches in other cities across China. “We will also continue to expand our scope of service, assisting our clients both online and offline, compiling and analyzing big data and helping them locate more business opportunities.”

Sheer Will

Leo Cheung describes the company’s journey as a perilous path, facing far too many difficulties in just eight years. Its biggest adversaries have always been disparagement from clients who considered the organization too small, and a prevalent fear of shutting down. Neither one was daunting enough.

“In face of all the skepticism, we have succeeded in impressing our clients through perseverance, manifested through our professional products and accurate market analysis. We eventually convinced them one by one to cooperate with us, and we slowly flourished. Now our company has over 40 employees, branching into the administrative, technical, advertisement production, sales and accounting departments, with clear division of work. We all do our part, and have done quite well.”

Luck, timing, and readiness allowed Cheung and company to capitalize on the Internet era. While he knows that Creation Media has much farther to go, he is grateful that he can enjoy Hong Kong’s open, fair and just business environment, as well as the support of his colleagues. “We already have the blessing of being in the right place at the right time, and with the right people to work with. We believe that we will be able to surmount any obstacles, and realize all our aspirations!”

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