With the restaurant’s modern expression of traditional cooking, the tried and tested meet the new and exciting.

Hong Kong perpetually enjoys a vibrant, dynamic culinary landscape fitting its status as a global crossing of commerce and culture. From staple to exotic, the rich and ever-changing variety of dishes served in the city consistently satisfies and delights its collective palate.

Covering the Southeast Asian spectrum, Thai cuisine has become among the more beloved and established, with restaurants littered in practically every district, so much so that distinguishing one’s own in the market presents interesting challenges. Restaurant group Mayfare Concepts takes up this call for innovation with the lauded Namo Avant Thai. Located at the Empire Center in East Tsim Sha Tsui, it continues to garner favourable reviews and recommendations from happy diners who constantly seek the new and exciting.


The right ingredients

Enlisting the talents of renowned Thai chef Khun Wijannarongk Kunchit, famous among Thai dignitaries, and Spanish Michelin Star chef Alejandro Sanchez, Namo combines the traditional flavours of Thai cooking with au courant recipes, creating a modern spin on the well-loved cuisine while retaining its familiar taste.

Further elaborating on conventional fare, Namo presents an innovative take on Thai delicacies featuring rich ingredients. Among the quality-import products prepared in its kitchen are Black Angus beef, Iberico pork ribs, French mussels, and giant Atlantic octopus.

In addition to its a la carte menu and lunch sets is a special weekly Sunday brunch offering choice Thai delicacies.

The restaurant boasts impressive interior decor including an open kitchen and a dazzling view of Victoria Harbour from its al fresco lounge. Bridging the two areas is a six-meter bar, serving special Thai-infused cocktails as well as a generous selection of wines designed by acclaimed sommelier Kim Murphy. Guests can enjoy refreshments paired with Namo’s signature bite-sized ThaiPas and flavoured tobacco shisha.

Thai food enthusiasts, epicureans, and casual diners have expressed great approval for Namo Avant Thai. Its seamless integration of tradition and invention thoroughly meet the strict standards of Hong Kong’s taste.



For additional information please visit www.mayfare.com.hk/ namo-overview.php