An accomplished e-commerce entrepreneur, ALAN LIM now empowers other businesses to profit on the digital plane.

Alan Lim started buying and selling items on eBay while attending university in the UK. Studying price patterns, he noticed an intriguing trend – cameras sold for lower prices when there were football games and for higher prices on rainy days. Deducing that this was a result of people spending more time online in bad weather, he started building his enterprise based on this granular level of market understanding, and the business has grown since.

“Online shopping throughout the world has seen enormous growth over the last 10 years,” says Lim. “We have seen a corresponding growth in demand, from both within China and elsewhere, for an efficient and reliable e-commerce partner. Our business has grown in terms of the size of our team as well as the types of services we offer our partners, who seek full e-commerce solutions, from global payments, to international fulfillment, to digital marketing, for both international brands like Skype and Philips, and Chinese manufacturers who sell globally.”

Tried and Trusted

The company offers a suite of services that allows any online merchant to sell internationally, leveraging partnerships throughout the e-commerce spectrum. All of its merchant partners benefit through the aggregation of its services, both in cost-effectiveness, as well as exceptional quality in critical areas such as delivery networks, fraud prevention, customer service and digital marketing.

“Our extensive experience in global cross-border e-commerce shows that we practice what we preach. By giving other online merchants access to our services, we are able to pass on knowledge to benefit our partners.”

Engaging in B2B with the same devotion as its own consumer-driven ventures exhibits the effectiveness of the company’s solutions. “Often, we start working with new brands still at the funding stage, and help them grow their business exponentially across borders,” says Lim. “The combination of the experience we have in operating our own e-commerce stores across the globe, coupled with providing these services for other online merchants is a rare combination in both Hong Kong and Southeast Asia.”

New Economy

Developing cross-border online business has as many quirks as perks. “We learned the intricacies of secure shipping networks, payment processing, fraud screening, and foreign exchange fluctuations on an operational level. The very nature of the Internet means that there will always be people trying to get around whatever new system implemented. Remaining vigilant and never complacent about our ability to overcome these issues keeps us a step ahead.

“Our key challenge for the future is to help brands overcome the more traditional approach to phasing product launches across markets. We are increasingly working with lean start-up brands that have used crowdsourcing resources such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo to fund their product launch but have limited experience in logistics and e-commerce. We work in partnership with these brands to provide smart e-commerce solutions which help them widen their global footprint.”

E-Services’ team, warehouse space and client base continue to grow, expanding its network of online merchants to reach interesting, emerging markets in Europe and the Americas. “We are continually refining and developing our internal infrastructure to allow innovations such as self-service and tiered levels of service, which we believe will take us to a completely different level.”

Companies and industries adapt and evolve to further contribute to the global economy. Through both technology and talent, Alan Lim’s E-Services Group continues to empower businesses beyond geographical limits. “Over the last 10 years, we have made all these things possible together. My greatest achievement has always been my team and their unconditional belief not just in myself, but also in the company. Without their full support we would never had made it this far.”

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