DR. JOYCE TSANG YUE shares the success story of a brand that has become part of Hong Kong’s legacy of enterprise.

Hong Kong’s beauty industry began in the 1980s, when only department stores would provide beauty services like eyebrows plucking and facial treatments. These were very attractive despite their high cost.

“The beauty fever really changed my life. Fascinated, I brought home a few beauty devices and started my business in a family-style beauty and facial store of 100-odd square feet,” says Dr. Joyce Tsang Yue.

In 1987, she and a business partner opened a beauty center, the embryo of her award-winning brand. Later in 1991, Modern Beauty Salon launched, and has since evolved into the beauty empire it is today.

Setting the Bar

Fierce competition in the industry has encouraged stringent professionalization. “In view of the need, we set up Beauty Expert International College in 2002 to offer beauticians diversified beauty courses. Upon completion, they may take part in internationally-recognized examinations held by overseas boards such as CIDESCO, ITEC and CIBTAC, and receive accredited qualifications, paving the way for further development in the field.

“Facing the growing demand for beauty services among the youth, we are currently strengthening our connection with the market with further cooperation with local tertiary institutes. In past years, we’ve worked with the Investment Society HKUSU, supporting its promotion week by sponsoring over a thousand beauty products.”

Most beauty and slimming groups focus mainly on retail. Modern Beauty Salon, in contrast, not only serves as an international product distributor, but also offers its own brands like be, p.e.n, Ferrecare and Y.U.E, and provides skincare, slimming, spa and massage, manicure, hair-styling, and makeup services. In 2014, it established the one-stop wedding planning, photography and video service brand Zi Photo Studio to provide consumers with quality, comprehensive wedding services.

“Abiding our motto ‘No best, only better’, I know that being innovative, attentive to customers’ needs and adaptive to current trends are key to success. Customers not only want services worth their money, but more than what they pay. With keen attention, our therapists and consultants deliver top-quality services with unrivaled skills. Our management team keeps an eye on market trends to introduce innovative skincare products, beauty devices and experiences from abroad. We have invested much in renovating our beauty centers to worldclass standards, providing the feel of a six-star hotel at an incredibly affordable price. All these ensure our competitiveness and help maintain our lead in the industry,” says Tsang.

“In July 2014, we formed a joint venture with an Australian partner to distribute the Melbourne-based brand Advanced Natural. It involves not only the manufacture of Advanced Natural beauty and skincare products, but also wholesale and retail in the international market, widening the brand’s geographical scope.”

Triumph of Tenacity

Aiming for diversification, the Group has in the last two years, strengthened and developed its skincare and wellness product business by distributing high quality European products, expanding its sales network, increasing product exposure, and acquiring and licensing new brands.

“I was confronted with a lot of setbacks and obstacles during my career, but I never thought of giving up, and rose above challenges with calmness and perseverance. I believe adversity begets success; that is how my beauty enterprise rose to the current scale. Tenacity is vital in starting a business. Not knowing a word of English I boldly went to Europe to seek opportunities and cooperate with foreign brands. During the 2003 SARS outbreak and the 2008 financial tsunami, we faced a bleak economy with a decline in consumer sentiment. Nevertheless, we persisted and finally overcame the difficulties. Only by innovation and advancement could our group attain greater success.”

Promising to provide the best, Tsang pays close attention to European market trends, looking for the latest beauty products and equipment, never settling for less. She constantly travels abroad to procure sophisticated beauty technology, allowing customers in Hong Kong to enjoy the fruits of innovation. Learning and growth accompany her journey; they remain instrumental in hers and Modern Beauty Salon’s triumph over all challenges.

For additional information please visit www.modernbeautysalon.com