Driven by combined synergy, passion, and commitment, STEVEN YAP leads a team of experts and pioneers in elevating companies’ businesses through innovative communication solutions.

M800 Limited, a Hong Kong-based global communication provider for international businesses, was established in 2007. By enabling multimedia communications through voice calls and messaging, the company brings its customers the benefits of the convergence of mobile and Internet communications, thereby enhancing their internal communication and customer relationship management initiatives.

Its services, supported by a secure, carrier-grade, internally developed telecommunication infrastructure, offer the distinct advantages of superior communication quality, security, and comprehensive data analytics. M800 is devoted to meeting customers’ communication needs in a safe and stable environment and helping them obtain valuable insights to understand their own customers better, together with operational costs optimization.

“One of the key challenges for market players in the telecommunications industry is how to transform the traditional voice, SMS and data solutions into mobile internet solutions to meet the increasing demands of mobile data and smartphone users,” says M800 Chairman & CEO Steven Yap. “We do not just see this as a challenge but as a great opportunity.”

Wider Coverage

Companies regardless of sector or scale benefit from M800’s range of offerings, spanning global communications, enterprise mobility, and mobile Internet platform services.

Its international voice exchange services use intelligent routing and a managed network infrastructure to facilitate IDD calls. Toll-free SMS and other value-added services such as customized call routing enhance enterprise communications, while accompanying reporting and analytics tools support CRM initiatives. An end-to-end mobile internet platform services, coupled with software development kits (SDK), help its customers easily integrating advanced communications features to iOS, Android and Web applications.

“Countries in the Asia Pacific are a great driver for the growth of mobile Internet. With Internet coverage growing across the region, we look to help people to connect by providing advanced tools.”

Sustaining Development

Further supporting SMEs and SOHOs (small office/home office), M800’s cross-platform mobile communications application Maaii provides a single platform for iOS and Android users combining utility functions such as instant messaging and IDD with social features like content sharing for enhanced communication and collaboration.

The company supports developers looking to build or enhance software applications using its mobile Internet platform services. Its white label service helps developers improve user interaction by developing mobile applications that use services such as voice and messaging. Developers can extend their current software applications to interface with M800 services easily via its APIs while accessing and monitoring real-time metrics. At the same time, the company’s in-house research and development teams assist developers in achieving their business objectives.

Few companies have invested as much into the aims and means of its industry. M800 serves as an example for tech companies and enterprises in general, to contribute to the bigger picture. “Mobile technology will continue to shape the way we connect. There will be more tools to help us call, message, and communicate with each other. If we keep up the good work, and we will, those tools will be coming from us.”

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