Few business solutions providers possess the industry renown of MARIANNA TSANG WAI CHUN.

Marianna Tsang is a celebrated alumna of the Hong Kong Baptist University. She was in fact, conferred its very first Distinguished Alumni Award, among the highest honors given by the institution. Her list of accomplishments in both the academic and professional fields spans pages, detailing a tenacious drive, exceptional work ethic and, of course, brilliant industry acumen. For more than fifteen years, she has contributed greatly to Hong Kong-China business, particularly through TWC Management Limited, of which she is Founder and Managing Director.

The organization offers reliable, cost-effective services for both SMEs and large corporations, covering accountancy, financial reporting, secretarial and legal considerations, among others. With Hong Kong strategically situated to be a portal of opportunity between China, Asia and the West, TWC facilitates the business concerns of companies originating from both within and beyond the territory’s borders.

A Trustworthy Provider

Today’s customer wants a supplier who can exceed expectations, which have been consistently demanding in the past years. Respectfully, TWC remains perpetually tuned to the needs of its clientele. “Our services are focused, loyal, responsible, and helpful. Our primary considerations always come from a client’s angle, and at all times, we make it a point to add value where we can,” says Tsang.

“Any business must focus on helping clients solve problems, rather than just earning fees. Service integrity is a must for us. As we say, we gain clients’ three ‘hearts’: trust in our expertise, confidence in our efficient, high quality deliverables, and appreciation of and comfort in our integrity and dependability.”

Markets with a healthy customer base attract other industry players, poised to encroach on TWC’s province. Although a cause for concern, Tsang is hardly unnerved.

“Our main competition comes from large international firms with substantial resources. We are confident however, as we possess distinct professionalism in our areas of expertise, and our high quality service. Versed in both international and local approaches, we can readily adopt either, or a mixture of both, when appropriate. We are able to fast track – meeting clients’ needs and pace – and equipped to solve the most intricate problems.”

Mark of Achievement

TWC tackles problems with a combined creative and strategic approach. Apart from the traditional business of company structuring and other advisory services, the organization manages private equity funds established to allow clients venture opportunities in the global financial market, following a surge of investments from Mainland China in 2004. Now a core service, this demonstrates the company’s ability to adapt and take on challenges of any origin, nature, and circumstance. As with Marianna Tsang, part and parcel of the firm’s creed is constantly outdoing itself.

“Receiving this award will surely raise the reputation of our firm, and provide our clients one more assurance of success. Our market share gradually grows by word-of month. We gain new business almost entirely by referrals from loyal long-standing clients, whose continued patronage we appreciate and honor with outstanding service. As there are many more investors from Mainland China, we plan to provide them with more China focused solutions.”

For additional information please contact info@twcmgt.corp.com.hk

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