Few companies truly understand well enough to offer the best solutions to achieving brand goals. DICKY IP, DOON CHENG and NATT LEUNG explain how they stand out.

Dicky, Doon, and Natt met each other at Hong Kong Arts School. Although they majored in different subjects, they soon discovered they clicked through collaboration in various projects.

Realizing that they carried different yet complementary skills while sharing the same philosophy, belief and taste, the group decided to set up 8ight Pro Studio, a professional design and production studio specialized in branding, packaging and advertising. The one-stop creative company provides first-class video production, publications, multimedia, graphics and website design services.


“Hong Kong is a dynamic international city with an amazing mix of Chinese and Western cultures, which gives endless inspirations and visions for the creative industry. To keep up with the rapid development of Hong Kong and be responsive to world trends, we dedicate ourselves to providing the finest one-stop services,” says Doon.

“It is a competitive market and customers are looking for a one-stop-shop solutions provider who can get the job done qualitatively, on time and with no fuss. We treat our clients as friends and pay attention to their needs. What we bring to the table is a wealth of experience covering all aspects of a project and the ability to grasp what the client needs and wants to achieve within given timeframes and budgets,” shares Dicky.

“As a collective of young professionals who place much emphasis on team spirit, we think out of the box while we deal with concrete matters pragmatically in order to provide the best onestop services. We have introduced new services, including website design and app design,” adds Natt. “We are now positioned for expanding our business in Mainland China, which will be one of the key focuses next year. China has a long history with profound traditional culture. We look forward to making contributions to China’s creative industries and bringing forth positive influences.”

Diamonds in the Rough

“As young entrepreneurs, we believe that the key to success is a positive attitude,” says Doon. “When we encounter difficulties, we don’t see them as obstacles but as possibilities; we embrace all possibilities. Unafraid to challenge ourselves, we believe that pressure turns stones into diamonds. This focused, sincere approach to business has helped us gain a loyal and expanding referral customer base.”

As the market in China grows rapidly, even small to medium-sized companies are looking for reliable publicity partners in helping them showcase their products and services to the world through both traditional and digital media. 8ight Pro Studio is in the right place and time to cater to the needs of this proactive market. The timely recognition as one among the Most Valuable Companies in Hong Kong shines light on Dicky, Doon, and Natt as invaluable partners for emerging as well as established brands.

For additional information please visit www.8ightpro.com