SANDY LI throws light on the amazing opportunities customers enjoy when partnering with her company, one that deploys intelligent services that truly enable businesses.

Able Mobile started as an application developer for corporations specialized in providing CRM, membership management, and documentation and workflow management systems. Today, the company provides total e-marketing solutions that benefit smart enterprises.

“With a customer-centric mindset, professionalism and having worked along with very demanding customers, our quality was quickly recognized and many of our customers happily refer us to their friends,” shares Sandy Li, on how Able Mobile has grown.

Many enterprises running different sales platforms like E-shops or physical retail stores are without central CRM and are thus unable to harvest piece-meal customer information, making detailed analysis unfeasible or requiring a much longer time. Consequently, timely decision-making cannot be achieved, placing companies at a disadvantage. This is where Able Mobile becomes of service.

Fully Integrated

The company expanded in 2013. Bringing in more market expertise transformed Able Mobile into a fully integrated, knowledge-based provider rather than a sheer supplier of hardware and software or applications.

“We share our knowledge and expertise on technology and fully integrated solutions with customers, allowing them to move ahead in the market and stay competitive, laying the foundation for rapid growth,” says Li.

“To remain competitive in this dynamic market, a business has to be faster, smarter and more organized than its competitors. We are proud to help enterprises in data mining, analysis, automation for e-marketing promotions and communications via a fully integrated knowledge-based cloud platform. Now, if you are a large corporation or a one-man bank, you can now enjoy big data at zero cost from us. Engaging your customer has never been as easy, helping to drive business growth and expansion.”

How Can We Help?

Able Mobile integrates with existing technology ecosystems, without necessitating new setups. It promises a seamless connection to CRM, ERP, analytics and e-commerce application and data.

The company’s service comprises a fully integrated knowledge-based cloud platform that provides corporations a single unified customer database from different sales channels or systems, making timely analysis feasible. It automates e-marketing promotion and customer communications, helping build an awesome campaign in minutes to grab the golden timing for promotion and building loyalty.

“We know our partners very well. We offer a full range of support, which corporations of all sizes desire. Our attentiveness brings no less than unquestionable satisfaction.”

New Service in 2016

Able Mobile will be launching its AbleChat service to the Asia Pacific Market in 2016-2017. AbleChat is a secure instant messenger for web browsers and mobile devices, with reliable SMS features and enterprise functions, specially designed for allowing companies to achieve a real-time collaboration anytime and anywhere. In this stage of its expansion, Sandy Li and company are thankful to their partners, promising to uphold professionalism as they work with them toward mutual ends.

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