Tapping Into Life Energy

IRIS LEUNG believes there is plenty of room to innovate in Hong Kong’s wellness industry, if a company puts in the effort.

With spas, wellness centres and similar establishments within a mile’s radius anywhere in Hong Kong, scaling up on selling proposition is as complicated as it is imperative. Truly unique and effective therapies for relaxation and rejuvenation comprise the basic requirement for success. The true challenge is when a prospective patron asks if there is anything else to offer.

“Hong Kong is filled with many of the world’s leading international beauty and health brands,” says director Iris Leung. “The difficulty is to stand out among competitors. The concept of Ann Jema – health, relaxation, and beauty rolled into one – is characteristically different from others. Since we launched in Hong Kong in 2012, we have always upheld this concept, and successfully delivered this to our customers, who continue to be satisfied with our services.”

Spa Science

Ann Jema, a French aromatherapy and naturopathy institute, was founded in 1973. It opened shop in Asia after nearly 40 years of continued development, and is now available in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong. Described as “a sensory place”, the centre offers various cosmetic, therapeutic and invigorating treatments utilizing a combination of cutting-edge technology and traditional medicine.

“The Hong Kong market constantly searches for new methods of beauty, well-being and overall health. Ann Jema planted roots in Hong Kong at the right time, and has since garnered a sizeable and stable customer base,” she says.

While it offers the standard set of basic and advanced facial services, beauty treatments and massage therapies, it also provides a number of specialized offerings. Some of these services include various baths and wraps for detoxification, slimming and shaping, as well as gender-specific treatments for improving metabolism and reproductive health.

“The central theme is life energy. Arabian ingredients, European aromatherapy with a French touch, and traditional Chinese medicine, combined with modern scientific approaches cultivate the regenerative energies in the body,” says Leung.

The Business of Breakthroughs

Non-Stop research and development is the key in Ann Jema’s strategy. From its laboratory headquarters in France housing over 300 biotechnology experts, the company perpetually explores and uncovers new methods and technologies, while improving those already in play. An immense research facility has just finished construction in Beijing, touted to be the largest cellular repository in the world. Two areas of study currently in the company’s scope of interest are preventive medicine and anti-aging. As it makes its progress, a new range of products and treatments will soon be available in Hong Kong.

“Ann Jema is not only a beauty spa centre but a health care provider,” says Leung. “Our hope is to bring customers a comfortable, relaxing experience while promoting health through our highly effective products and attentive, professional service.”

For additional information please visit www.annjema.com/hk

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