Hong Kong is proud of a hone-grown brand that sells used/restored furniture meeting cost-effective needs in a sustainable, environment-friendly way. EVE NG, Marketing Director of HAPPYSHOP reveals all.

If you haven’t heard of HAPPYSHOP, you could be missing out in more ways than you can imagine. It is a well organized, user-friendly, online sales platform operated by Homeniture Limited, providing a simple and convenient purchase channel together with product information, thus saving time of searching for characteristic or special products everywhere.

In Hong Kong, lots of usable resources are discarded each day, including expensive, in good condition or reusable furniture and appliances. Much of this furniture and appliances can still be of use to many families thus reducing the financial burden on society and the adverse impact on the environment. HAPPYSHOP fills this niche. 

At Your Service

“As a major city, Hong Kong has an active trading in rental properties. Handling old furniture and purchasing furniture for new places involve additional costs. However, the old furniture which has to be disposed of, is often still in good condition due to relatively shortterm usage. We provide free collection of used furniture, selectively collecting high quality second-hand furniture, so clients can save disposal expenses and at the same time, landfills can also be reduced. On the other hand, many mainland families choose second-hand furniture because they worry that brand new furniture might release harmful gases. Our recycled furniture will be cleaned by disinfectants, then refurbished moderately and structurally checked. All these processes increase our clients’ confidence in using our furniture,” says Eve Ng Wah, marketing manager, HAPPYSHOP.

Building on Reputation

“Our recycling team is our important asset, and plays an important role in the helping with our good quality furniture being sold quickly. All are full-time employees, with half of them accompanying the company’s growth over the years and experienced in assembly as well as disassembly. By imparting the techniques with professional recycling process, the opportunity of collecting relatively splendid furniture and preserving its good condition is certainly greater. Our recycling team is responsible for disassembling, removing, cleaning, refurbishing, reassembling, measuring and taking photos of the recycled furniture, according to company’s standard. Rigorous furniture examination and careful product handling differentiate us from our competitors. So we can explain confidently why our furniture can attain customers’ recognition and reputation.

An Unbeatable Resource

In Hong Kong, due to the lack of environmental protection support as well as propaganda channels of recycling service or second-hand market, the public assumes that unwanted furniture has to be paid for disposal and don’t know that there is cheaper and more environmental-friendly furniture available at second-hand furniture shops. “So, we have been promoting our free furniture collection service and second-hand furniture via social media and our online platform, improving the public’s concept of old furniture with our real product photos,” says Ng.

“In response to the public’s usage habit of different mobile devices, our new responsive website ‘www. happyshop.hk’ was launched early last year, facilitating customers to browse our latest products anytime anywhere. Currently, our recycling team collects furniture everyday, our website has tens of thousands of visitors and hundreds of thousands of page views every month in average. From time to time, we will hear customers and their friends’ laughter in our workshop due to meeting each other without previous arrangement

Larger venue, digitalization, increase in trading cooperation such as introducing furniture with environmental protection concept and making a more environmentally friendly choice for consumption are on our agenda. We believe that problems show us the way to success,” concludes Eve.

For additional information please visit www.happyshop.hk