A simple idea is growing into the fastest snack brand in Greater China. WONG WAI HUNG ELLIS, CEO of KIU FUNG HONG LTD shares the brand’s success secrets.

“Since we developed our own brand (EDO pack) on crackers which come with individual packing for convenience consumption, and value added with DHA or Calcium, the brand has become the leading crackers brand and a high value added item in the market,” says Wong Wai Hung Ellis, CEO of Kiu Fung Hong Ltd.

“Afterwards we made a segmentation market for potato chips under a son brand (巨浪大切) and began to provide different flavors (seaweed , honey butter) for locals to compete with international brands, now (巨浪大切) becomes a major brand of potato chips in paper tin in Hong Kong,” says Wong.

Paving the Path

“Our brand benefits from the food safety crisis in China since they see our brands as overseas brands, which offer food safety and higher quality thus enhancing the image to China market which is important since China is one of our fastest growing markets,” says Wong.

“We see what other don’t see, and we do others don’t do. Most companies focus on trading agencies or manufacturing, but forget about importance of branding. We focus on branding too which is vitally important because it creates a psychological impact on the consumer which is important to build brand loyalty.”

Quality First

According to Wong, the whole product marketing aspect is a question of detailed strategy where you have to focus on the quality of the actual product, the packaging, sales channels, marketing, advertising and promotion all well within the budget that low cost products can afford.

“It is a challenge but all growth takes time, persistence, energy and investment and of course patience. Our reward for now comes from the satisfaction of seeing a growing number of people enjoy our product which is easy to digest, convenient to carry and a pleasure to enjoy.”

“In the future we hope to add more flavours to excite our customers and get the brand to as many people as we possibly can. We need to focus on maintain the quality and the focus of our drive toward gaining more loyal customers who will in turn, advertise our brand and help grow its popularity.”

“We are humbled to be recognized by this prestigious award and pledge to continue to exceed the expectations of our customers and in growing our brand, we will bring more happiness and satisfaction to our loyal fans,” Wong concludes.