Swiss watchmaker ushers into Hong Kong, a brand with simplicity and character. ERIC LOTH President & Founder of ALEX BENLO speaks on the importance of being different.

Alexandra Loth (Vice-President of Marketing and Sales) with Eric Loth: “The unique aspect of our brand is that it is largely fashioned by nature. Our genuine, natural stones form a natural bridge between mother Earth and her people.”

Perhaps the only timepiece brand made with earthy elements that connect us to the source of all life, Alex Benlo is a labour of love.

“Founding Alex Benlo is part of a personal vision to build a legacy to my two children. I want to create something new, related to our family achievements and values. Alexandra and Benjamin, my daughter and son will be the final owners of this new venture.

“Alexandra joined the company since its creation in Hong Kong, and she is currently Vice-President Marketing and Sales. Benjamin is not ready to join yet but we are preparing the field for him and he will be present for the most important moments of the company.” Says Eric Loth, the brand’s President and founder.

Worthy Objective, Swiss Standards

“We strongly believe in the power of nature and the ability of selected stones to transmit good energy. Not only their beauty, but also for their energy flow coming straight from mother Earth which will contribute to the improvement of Alex Benlo watch owners daily lives. Our dials are made of genuine and natural stones such as Jade (from Jadeite), Tiger Eye or Quartz, sourced from all over the world and known for their positive energy glow on the skin. Our watches are made in Switzerland, and carry the Swiss Made protected label.”

“We believe in our modest contribution to render everyone’s life more balanced and happier. All of our watches are unique, nature alone decides the colours and veins of stones, each Alex Benlo is respecting the highest standards of Swiss Made.”

True Values

“We consider Hong Kong as the main door between Orient and Occident. This historical gate is the place where we decided to launch our brand, last July 2015.” says Loth.

“We expect Hong Kong to be the starting point of our development in Asia. China is our next and major step toward achieving market share as we will make our brand known and understood by Chinese first.”

“After more than 35 years career in the Swiss watch industry, and after having re-launched Graham Watches in 1995, I was convinced of the need for a new concept, connecting people to Earth and to true values. We are confident of the success of Alex Benlo watches, but as a family owned business, we have the most valuable asset in our hands, and by that, I mean ‘time’, “concludes Loth.

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