Mobile Apps Easily Built for SMEs!

BuildAppEasy, is an online cloud platform that automates the app building process. It will help non-programmers to make mobile app by themselves, says RICO CHAN, CEO of BUSINSOFT.

Building mobile apps usually require one to hire specialists and the development time is usually counted in months. So we developed an engine to generalize the development of mobile app which lowers cost and maintains quality up to standard in different projects, says Rico Chan, CEO of Businsoft.

“We build sophisticated products like Mobile Messenger for our client. We have gone through the whole process from idea generation to the release of product to the market. We provide all in one service where it comes to building mobile apps. Our clients might not come from technical backgrounds but still can apply their business ideas by using technology.”

As Unique as You Are!

“Our team comprises young and energetic people who are willing to try new things and understand more about the latest technologies. We provide total customization to clients’ project and jointly (with them) develop their project. Besides, we also share our opinions on the mobile app industry, discuss trends with our customers and provide useful information for their business growth.”

“Most Hong Kong people know more about finance than information technology and some might not be familiar with the computer software environment. We educate our clients on the information technology skills by providing detailed tutorial documents for them to follow step-by-step. This makes our business communication smooth and facilitates the understanding of the technology by the customer.”


Boon to Business

“We are now based in Science Park and would continue to work with more companies to build their mobile apps. We are sourcing investors and looking to expand to build mobile app automatically for every SME in Hong Kong. Our business model is based on marrying imagination with technology to empower SMEs to grow faster and more qualitatively,” Chan explains.

“We are convinced that creative small-medium-sized companies will find immense use in custom-made mobile apps and the market for our creativity is just waiting to be tapped. In order to realize our dream we will need more talent, initiative and drive which is why we seriously interview candidates to test their logical thinking skills and presentation skills. By hiring top talent, we maintain the quality of the project. We control our quality by careful planning and monitoring the outcome,” concludes Chan.

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