The demand for world-class custom-made yachts is on the upswing and WONG HOYEN PEGASUS, CEO of ACCELERA YACHT LTD is confident of market applause for his brand.

Building a new yacht brand is not for the weak hearted simply because Asia’s most dicerning market wants more than quality. Buyers today want tailor-made, unique, high-tech, sustainable crafts that offer unrivaled total-cost-of-ownership, require less maintenance and compete in form and feature and of course, price.

“In view of the potential of the luxury yacht market and demand in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia, after years of effort to improve and promote, we’ve created our own brand that has been well accepted by the market. 

Customer Applause

“We will continue to maintain high-quality skill, innovative technology and new design to enhance our brand value and customer acceptability. Most customers accept between 30 feet-60 feet yachts but we’ve created luxury, custom-made yachts over 86 feet incorporating different types of leather, carpets, wallpaper, flooring, and stone according to customers’ requirements.

“We target the high-end market looking for streamlined design, strong sense of space, and the materials used to enhance quality and functionality. In this business quality is in the details, we have been focusing on service, and focusing more tasteful and unique customers, which is our chosen sales direction,” explains Wong.

Rental Market Prospects

“It is rare to have new luxury yacht with nice conditions leasing in Hong Kong market, we have 86, 92, and two 98-feet luxury yacht available for rental. We have invited space decoration designers to design our yachts, which have attracted many international corporations and companies, jewelers, Hong Kong’s five-star hotels, including The Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Four Seasons Hotel, Peninsula Hotel, Ritz-Carlton Hotel and other private banks such as Credit Suisse, BNP Paribas. We are honored to have the community’s acceptance in Hong Kong’s rental market, becoming one of the best yacht providers in Hong Kong,” Wong says.

Against All Odds

Hong Kong yacht market faces of a serious shortage of berths, high land and labor cost. Saturation is another issue since the industry has grown faster than the market.

“The economic downturn has obviouly impacted our industry too. Many high affordable potential customers are waiting and watching. Labor shortage is another problem, it is lack of local professional with considerable experience to become captain and crew, and so we aim to cultivate more talent and establish Accelera scholarships to the Hong Kong Sea School. 18 outstanding students will obtained the scholarship each year. We also provide summer internship programs whereby, students have the opportunity to gain relevant work experience with the yacht industry.”

Key to Success

“We must explore the latest technology, innovative concepts, cultivate talent, select excellent design teams, improve manufacturing quality and invite wellknown international brands to open up cross-border cooperation,” suggests Wong.

“It is also important to understand the cultural needs and customer demands as well as to promote the brand continually to develop and build a larger potential customer database. We have to look at the competition and work toward continous improvement,” Wong concludes.

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