When Hong Kongers need 100% pure essential oil and natural skincare they turn to one brand name – EASY CREATION ASIA. Here’s why

Easy Creation Asia – www. ecalhk.com was established in 1999. The business was first started as a small-batch, handcrafted manufacturer using lean-manufacturing principles for efficiency and quality control. Committed to be a marketer of premium quality 100% pure essential oil and therapeutic-grade aromatherapy products and providing pure, powerful products for every family and lifestyle, all infused with the life-changing benefits of essential oils.

With over 16 years experience in the industry, Easy Creation Asia’s professional purchasing team deal directly with producers and manufacturers around the world to ensure stringent quality standards are met. They are committed to providing their customers can get the highest quality at the lowest prices and with premium quality products globally and ensure their order always arrive in excellent condition.

Easy Creation Asia is also a professional wholesaler of quality natural skincare and natural SPA products that’s made with organic and natural essential oil. Their beautiful luxury skincare range enriched with the finest and purest quality ingredients. Carefully manage the whole process of ingredients selection, production, testing, filling and packaging, stringent quality control processes are adhered to at their partner’s factories in Australia. It is what you can expect from the world’s finest natural skin care products.

Where You Want to Be

Over time, the Easy Creation Asia collection moved beyond essential oils and raw materials to include skin care product manufacturing. And soon, as the consumer demand changed and expanded with the cultural embracing of natural/ organic products and a wellbeing lifestyle, Easy Creation Asia evolved, too. The company now offered an innovative range of home spa and wellbeing products, and even accessories. It also began manufacturing stylish and nurturing versatility and allowing a personal connection between the consumer or business and the essential product.

The company also notably features one of the most impressive online shopping systems in cyberspace and an advanced ordering and delivery system that is second to none. With constant focus on customer service and a respect for the varying kinds of customers across its mammoth outreach, it is also immensely proud of its interactive, friendly and informative sales team who are always willing to help – whether by phone, or in person at their showroom. Whether you’re a curious shopper with little experience in the world of natural aromatherapy and skincare products, someone thinking about approaching your local market with an innovative small business idea, or a large company with a superior reputation demanding a partnership of the highest quality, Easy Creation Asia can take you where you want to be.

Signature Scents OEM/ODM

Apart from their wide range of essential oils and blends, their professional Signature Scent also offer a custom blending service. This is where they create unique aromatic blends especially for use in salons, spa, hotels, retail or product formulations. Easy Creation Asia’s in-house natural perfume designer specializes in blending with natural and organic essential oils for end-product application.

Their production team provide efficient and professional services to assistance in product development, product formulation, packaging & labeling, design, and product testing to ensure your products are safe and stable, from concept to shelf as to suit business of any size.

Co-founders Agnes and Ivan play an active role in Easy Creations Asia day-today business, providing direction to the Executive team and employees. Agnes has combined her expansive knowledge and experience in the industry and hands-on approach to help their customers strive to live healthy and relaxing lifestyles.

The company’s mission is to ensure stringent quality standards, and quality are unification and purity and best pricing in the industry as well as no animal testing.

The company’s vision is to bring our essential oils and quality natural skin care products to every home in the world.

For additional information, please visit www.ecalhk.com

Exclusive video interview with Agnes Yuen at the “Mediazone’s Most Valuable Services Awards in Hong Kong 2016”