ALBERT NG, Creative Director of CHERUBIM CREATIVE CREW LTD speaks on the importance of ingenuity of great design on smart, proactive brands and the value of heartfelt service.

Helping a friend in need resulted in the progress of Cherubim Creative Crew Ltd which since then has carved quite an enviable reputation for its brand of quality service.

Seasoned brand designer Albert Ng, believes in helping as many as he honestly can, putting need before price. It is a rare attribute in an industry traditionally not known for its patience but that’s what works best for Ng’s slow but steady growth that brings him a growing fan base of referred customers. 

Along with his partner insurance-manager Jacky Sit, Ng has braved the storms of business competition while focusing on his time-tested method of serving each client as a treasured VIP. “I’m not in a hurry to get-rich-quick. I’d rather make sure each customer gets more than expected by my doing better than my best. This is what personalized service means and that’s how we intend to grow,” says Ng.

New Reality

“The most obvious difficulty is that, in addition to local competition, we also face the China’s large and inexpensive competition. Hong Kong’s economic growth has slowed which means many companies are cutting their expenses on design.

In this competitive environment, we need to maintain productivity. We will introduce a new generation of young designers and young graduates, to reduce the outflow of local talent.”

“In both design and services from existing customers, we intend to expand our local customer base, attract more overseas customers and get more exposure for our work. We want our work to make a quality statement for the ‘made in Hong Kong’ label. The only way to do this is to provide an outstanding level of personalized service, cutting edge design and a holistic customer service experience for the customer,” says Ng.

“When choosing a brand designer you have to ask yourself what makes a great difference between a product sold by the corner store a few streets down from your home and a well-branded company? It’s the brand – the reason why the company exits and inspires people to choose and to be loyal to one company’s service instead of the others,” explains Ng.

“Cherubim Creative Crew Limited is a leading Brand Building Design Company, providing service from corporate identity consultation to a wide range of brand building design: logo, poster, packaging, fonts, booklet, leaflet, event booth and interior design. We work with heart for our clients through delivering creative design and serving our clients to combat for business challenges.

“In the past, I’ve engaged in remarkable projects including Jetco, Hung Fook Tong, Tai Cheong Bakery, Longman, etc. Now, I’m working closely with my clients on their branding, they are Confectionery West (Japan), Wah Hing International Logistics Limited, CoCo Komatsu (小松本 coco), Concerstone Financial Group Limited, etc, “ Ng says.

Days Ahead

“The market for brand design has changed dramatically over recent years given the growth of the social media. Proactive companies are looking for cutting edge, trendy designs reflective of this change of consumer mindset. The Internet has also widened the market and brought in more online choices and educated the customer base. Large agencies with bigger budgets and better resources also form the competition so the only way we can retain and expand our market share is through attention-to-detail, personalized service and customized solutions,” concludes Ng.

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Exclusive interview with Albert Ng at the “Mediazone’s Most Valuable Services Awards in Hong Kong 2016”