Hong Kong’s love affair with Feng Shui is as old as the territory itself. We present one of the city’s more celebrated practitioners. Please meet MASTER SARA CHEUNG.

“This was initiated by my Master at a special occasion and he ignited my intrinsic “sixth sense”, and he also introduced me to utilize my gifted talent “sixth sense” practicing ancient Chinese divination including Wen Weng Gua, Bazi, Zi Wei Dou Shu, as well as acquiring various western Astrology, Horoscopes, Tarot…etc. I found Qi Men Dun Jia is the most interesting and powerful methodologies, and then decided to turn myself into a professional prognosticator in the year of 2000,” says Master Sara Cheung.

Spiritual Clubs Ltd. was born 2010 and since then has begun serving the discerning Hong Kong market. 

Opening the Market

“The more I acquired the prophecy methodologies, the less I found they were superstitious. All the forms of these prophecy methodologies were derived on the basis of the sophisticated algorithms that invented by our erudite ancestors and accumulated abundant statistical reference of cases throughout centuries by centuries. My approaches to derive the prognostication are extremely logical, rational and contemporary,” explains Cheung.

“Male practitioners are used to be predominant in this market; female practitioners could hardly get into the play. The market used to be prejudiced against a female’s capabilities as being a professional prognosticator because elderly males apparently look more convincing and reliable.

“So I took tremendous effort and time to prove my genuine capabilities by providing my clients with sharp and appropriate advice. I believe that only wholehearted attitude and professional services and total dedication can build up your reputation,” Cheung points out.

Reaching to the Young

“Albeit prophecy methodologies are on the basis of ancient founding, I can deliver in a simple, subtle, pragmatic and contemporary way of solutions with inexpensive decoration to fit-in their household living for enhancement because we believe in absolute quality of service i.e. accurate prognostication and precise solution for my clients’ problems.

“Maintaining the edge, training and retaining talent are key issues. There seems to be an industry-wide disinterest from younger generation, for which I am hosting more practical courses to allow the young people to know better themselves for moving towards their brighter future,” says Cheung.

Solutions Approach

“In view of the significance of digital and social media marketing, we are targeting initiatives that involve us hooking up with more indigenous publications and media press for writing prognostication column.

“Many other opportunities lie outside Hong Kong as well. Along the rise for the Mainland market, we hold 3 times of fans sharing conference in various provinces last year.

“Worldwide, we have promotion plans via web media to the areas in East Asia, North America, Europe, Australia, etc…

“We constantly overhaul and tune everything up, from our company’s image and to the quality of our every solution, in order to jump outside the sheer tradition and the pace of the times. We are happy that my work helps people in their personal and professional lives and that’s our main goal and objective,” concludes Master Cheung.

For additional information please visit www.mastersaracheung.com