A true icon of our times, the industry leading HONG KONG CONCRETE COMPANY LTD is setting standards and redefining the industry, says its dynamic Managing Director, K.K.CHAN.

In 1990, Hong Kong Concrete Company Limited was jointly incorporated by Wai Chiu Concrete Company Limited and Macau Cement Manufacturing Company Limited. At present the substantial shareholders of Hong Kong Concrete Company Limited are Macau Cement Manufacturing Co., Ltd., TCC International Holdings Limited and China State Construction International Holdings Limited. From late 1980s onwards, Hong Kong Concrete Company Limited has been supplying the ready mixed concrete to the local construction industry proactively.

“In the late 80’s, China’s economic reform started to be on the track and infrastructure/cities urbanization rapidly changing the country’s appearance, resulting to ever increasing demand for concrete and market for construction materials rapidly expanding,” says K.K Chan, the company’s MD. 

Quality Matters

In the past 25 years the company has invested in the various cities such as Macau, Guangzhou and Beijing in form of joint venture or own subsidiary to produce ready-mixed concrete by erecting and operating commercial concrete batching plant. The company’s subsidiary (Beijing Litian Concrete Co., Ltd.) has participated into the concrete supply for some landmark projects including the National Stadium (Bird’s Nest) and the new Embassy of the United States in Beijing and Terminal 3 Beijing Capital International Airport.

However since 2008 amid the company’s substantial growth and development, the company has made new route plans by strategically rebalancing the investment and mainly focusing on Hong Kong’s local construction market and demand.

“It is our prime mission to satisfy the ever-increasing requirements over concrete products. Product quality matters all and that is not the thing that we will compromise. We will take all the possible and available means to guarantee the product quality to meet the customer’s requirements,: says Chan.

“In addition to the strict control on the quality of raw materials, we also closely monitoring and managing every step of the production process. Our in-house laboratory assists the technical department further in the research and development, which enables us to apply the most advanced concrete technology into our products.,” explains Chan.

Excellence in Service

“From the company’s top management to the frontline staff, everyone knows that the company is not only the product manufacturer, but most importantly also a service provider. Keeping this concept in mind, we will endeavour our best to achieve customer’s maximal satisfaction by offering the best solution in a cost-efficient way. 

“Being one of the leading ready-mixed concrete suppliers in Hong Kong, we have a vast base of renowned clients such as the Housing Department, Architectural Services Department, Civil Engineering and Development Department, Drainage Services Department and various large property developers.

“Over the past decades, we have spared no effort to drive the company forward through product development and quality enhancement. Today we have won wide recognition from the concrete industry and built up a professional image in the construction market in Hong Kong.

“With rich experience in the concrete industry, we manufacture and supply concrete products for governmental and private development projects of various scales and types of building work, such as site formation, foundation work, sub-structural and super-structural work.”

Power of Focus

“It is a cost-driven market for Hong Kong ready-mixed concrete. We have to keep learning and keep ourselves abreast of the latest technology in material science and production line to optimise the production process, in order to cut the cost and with help of IT to speed the transmission of realtime data (production and delivery). A company that manage to thrive and stand out in a highly competitive environment can not be a result of fortune. It demands a solid company foundation, a bright vision, well and correctly defined directions as well as patience and perseverance to overcome obstacles. It requires the encouragement, support from fellow companies and also the dedication, loyalty and determination of it’s all staff,” concludes Chan.

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