DR REBORN provides one-stop solutions for anyone with aesthetic medical and beauty needs, says TANG CHI FAI, EDDY, Chief Executive Officer.

Eddy Tang, the founder of UMH, enrolled in medical school at the University of Hong Kong.

He established UMH back in 2005 and had previously served extensively in the same sector. UMH also listed on the main board of HKEX on 11 March 2016. He left the medicine field to pursue a career in aesthetic medical services citing a growing gap between traditional beauty services and aesthetic medical services.

“Traditional beauty services used to dominate the market and cannot provide medical treatments, which consumers increasingly demand.

On the other side, aesthetic medical services can address medical needs, but with low quality of customer service and lack of scalability and scattered market to deal with.”

“What we are doing is one of a kind: combining the best attributes from traditional beauty salons and medical clinics and satisfying unmet consumer needs. We offer customer service, branding, professionalism and desired results and provide one-stop solutions for anyone with aesthetic medical and beauty needs,” Tang explains.

Expansion Plans

“The aesthetic medical industry in Hong Kong has experienced high growth and we expect growth will continue. Hong Kong and the PRC markets are currently under-penetrated. We expect penetration rates in Hong Kong and the PRC to catch up with the more developed markets. Consumers know more about various products and services leading to a growing acceptance of aesthetic medicines and young clients become increasingly interested in and more receptive to aesthetic medical services. We also expect significant growth from medical tourism. Clients’ preferences are shifting away from traditional beauty services to aesthetic medical services. Our established platform and well-recognised brand well position us to ride on the growth of the Hong Kong and the PRC markets; benefit from the growing trend of medical tourism; and effectively execute our expansion plan in the PRC, which has high potential.”

Number 1

“We are well-recognised and ranked first in brand preference among consumers when choosing one-stop aesthetic medical centres. We ranked as the largest aesthetic medical service provider in Hong Kong in terms of revenue in 2014 and Number 1 in Hong Kong from 2012 to 2014 in terms of the number of treatments performed(1) .

A key differentiating competitive advantage is that we have a large medical team of 23 full-time registered practitioners in Hong Kong, Macau and the PRC that serve our discerning customers.

High standard of professionalism and safety are our top priority which is why our one-stop aesthetic medical and beauty solutions include a broad range of services and products. Over the years we have built a large customer base of repeat clients and our referral business has grown. Our brand is able to attract the highest quality of medical professionals and we are able to leverage the volume of business to attract quality suppliers offering better business terms.

We place significant emphasis on safety, professionalism, client satisfaction and actively pursue innovative marketing and branding and have built the well-recognised and trusted brand of DR REBORN.”

Building on the Future

“We plan to consolidate and increase our leading position in our markets. Our proven track record of acquisitions will grow stronger as we invest more resources in organic expansion. Our focus will stay on premium-end services, skin care products as well as the formulae of our skin care products are designed with suggestions and input from our practitioners and sold under proprietary brands.”

“Our customer-centric approach and 100% original authentic guaranteed products have helped take us to this position of market share dominance. While all medical treatments are conducted by experienced registered practitioners and specialists, all our front-line staff are constantly trained in the art of offering heartfelt services.”

“We employ strict ethics-based codes of conduct that instill confidence in our loyal customers reassuring them that DR REBORN is a trustworthy brand, here to bring them the best in products and services.”

“We are delighted to learn that DR REBORN was selected as one of Hong Kong’s Most Valuable Companies and The Leader of Medical Beauty Centre of the year 2016 because since inception our focus was to bring added-value to the Hong Kong market. We are honoured and pledge to continue to build on this market applause and supply the market with the best-in-class products and services that are incomparable in every way.”

(1) Source: Frost & Sullivan Report

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