Rich Market Applause for a Lifestyle-Changing Innovation!

Hong Kong-based Genie-S places on offer TRAVALO, a Perfume atomiser that’s changing the game plan for a multi-billion-dollar cosmetics/ grooming industry by altering customer behavior, forever.

Raplh Bou Nader: “Customization will certainly play a major role in our future as Travalo grows more in stature as a trusted accessory that you won’t leave home without.”

Since the launch of Travalo in 2009, the elegant little refillable perfume atomizer has won instant market acceptance and industry applause. With its arrival, your favourite perfume is now able to travel with you (yes, even through security checks at airports) and not just sit away in a dressing room unavailable when you need it most.

For the trade, the perfume atomizer means better sales as a result of faster consumption. A win-win for everyone, the super innovation is rapidly becoming a ‘must-have’ at least among those most concerned with keeping up appearances.


“We are very active in APAC. Many industry big players have been very enthusiastic and given the right space for Travalo,” says Ralph Bou Nader, Vice-President of Genie-S International Ltd.

“Our company DNA is about innovation and consumers. Our priority is to create the best product that will bring our consumers to adopt it easily.”

“Genie-S Refill system technology is patented worldwide. It is a 100 percent innovative, reliable and leak-proof and boasts in excess of 30 million users worldwide. It preserves fragrance intensity during transfer and self-regulates the pressure to match the environment.”

“We have an emotional product that talks to the consumer. We are a young team that will always have a consumer centric approach so we expect to grow rapidly as the Travalo gets more widely known.”

Changing Ways 

“We designed this perfume spray after citing the obvious niche for it. Competitive executives want to look and smell their best but very few people carry perfume bottles with them throughout the day. The challenge was to make it airtight, sexily designed and convenient to fill and use. Many people have more than one favourite perfume and now they can carry them in these atomisers rather than the actual bottles. The gift market is opening up for us and soon major perfume brands will co-sell or even co-brand Travalo for the benefit of their customers. Customization will certainly play a major role in our future as Travalo grows more in stature as a trusted accessory that you won’t leave home without,” Bou Nader explains.

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