If you believe that the right nutrition during the first 1000 days can have an impact on a child’s future and that quality matters to your child then it’s worth listening to what KEVIN BUSH, General Manager of DANONE NUTRICIA EARLY LIFE NUTRITION in Hong Kong, has to say.

Danone Nutricia Early Life Nutrition is a true boon to mothers keen on providing their babies with the very best quality of nutrition in the first crucial 1000 days of their lives.

Pioneers of Early Life nutrition since 1896, the company has been doing just that as well as making many breakthroughs since; such as optimized protein content, optimized lipid composition and unique probiotic blend, says Kevin Bush, the General Manager.

“We are convinced that the right nutrition during the first 1000 days can have a long standing impact on a child’s future. It has the potential to save lives globally and also improve the quality of children’s future health.

Creating Value

Hong Kong mums are constantly looking for high quality, professional and safe products. “With our long-standing history in early life nutrition science and presence in 150 countries we saw an opportunity to bring this expertise in science and nutrition to Hong Kong mums. 50 years ago we launched Cow & Gate, a leading UK brand, and more recently Nutrilon & Aptamil,” says Bush.

Danone Nutricia Early Life Nutrition is committed to standing by mums to nurture new lives in the critical window of the 1st 1000 days, from pregnancy to toddlerhood.

“We know that nutrition during this critical period in life will have an impact on future health, and this is why we add value by focusing on providing education and services to support our commitment to the right nutrition in the first 1000 days. We also emphasize on the importance of breastfeeding during this period,” Bush says.

Our Priorities

“We support breastfeeding as our first priority. We have ensured our policies and facilities are leading best practices to support our Nutricia mums during this time. We provide extended maternity leave as well as a dedicated fully-equipped breastfeeding room. This has seen all of our recent mothers continue to breast feed up to and over 6 months.

“Our high standards and dedication to both the quality of our products and food safety assure the high standards of our goods. By ensuring that quality is a top priority, we also create and deliver a safe and quality-focused food environment, which meet strict international standards and local regulations, without compromise.

Life’s Science

“Danone Nutricia Early Life Nutrition has over 100 years of scientific research and caring for mums and babies globally. We have two global R&D centers (located in the Netherlands and Singapore) with more than 400 scientists and experts representing 35 nationalities working in the area of early life nutrition. We focus on:

  • Breastfeeding research
  • Growth and developmental physiology
  • Immunology
  • Gut Health
  • Nutrition and sensory sciences
  • Product development, process technologies and packaging

Globally we partner with 100 universities, 200 hospitals, 50 enterprises and policy makers to promote maternal and infant health and to ensure the most advanced science for our products. We are honored to have been awarded as a winner of the Most Valuable Services Awards in Hong Kong this year as it aptly reflects our commitment and service to the Hong Kong market,” concludes Bush.

For additional information please visit www.nutriciaprogram.com.hk