If brand recognition is about perception then few companies would be as passionate about helping you get the essence of your brand’s message effectively to your customers, as MANDY TSANG, Director of eMotionLAB LTD.

Bringing crystal clear audio and sharp colourful visuals and dynamic animation to artistically convey your brand’s message is not as easy as it looks. To achieve this level of mastery, you need talent, experience and passion which is where eMotionLAB excels, says Mandy Tsang, its visionary director who spotted a niche for high quality video production services with a difference.

Having served some of the world’s largest brands in Hong Kong, the company prides itself on personalized customer attention, industry-leading thinking, on-schedule delivery and admirable after-sales service.

Providing innovative and holistic video solution for brands and companies eMotionLAB is about providing an innovative and holistic video one-stop-shop solution. This is not only time and cost effective, but allows for direct communication and dynamic workflow providing creative room for the product to be enhanced during the process. 

Making a Difference with Moving Branding

“The market is growing more demanding with clients demanding more for smaller budgets and often, unreasonable expectations. However, when customers listen to our solution-based suggestions and we illuminate the possibilities, they grow more surprised to see just how much can be achieved,” Tsang.

“We take a very serious view of our customer’s goals and objectives and bring our experience to bear thereby adding value to their efforts. Our experts are well experienced with the future needs of promotional channels and are therefore able to advise the client on how to get more value for their promotional dollar by using ideas brought to life digitally by animation, styles, colours, sounds and effects.”

“Competitive companies appreciate that having high quality brand video with a direct impact is the only way to win the keen competition in the era of big data,” says Tsang.

Adding Value

“Many clients are amazed at the creative ways we are able to contribute to the building of their image. Our customers appreciate the effort we make to understand their business, markets and craft the right message that stands the best chance of creating that durable impression which is what promotions are really about. Few companies have the width and depth of experience to be able achieve the level of customer satisfaction we do.”

“At eMotionLAB, we look beyond the customer and toward crafting a whole new level of customer-experience. This is why we attract a record number of referrals. Designers, animators, directors, cinematic photographers and writers pool in ideas to tell your story in the best possible way, in colour and motion.

“Today’s customers have to look at futuristic solutions that involve the use of social media channels each with their own demographic audience. Most customers are unfamiliar with the possibilities and this is how we at eMotionLAB add value to our customer’s promotional objectives.”

Crafting the Mood


Film is all about feeling, says Tsang. “At eMotionLAB we create feelings, emotions which last longer in the hearts and minds of consumers. This is our strong point. This is the main point that differentiates us from our competitors. Creating a film or video has to be done artistically, in a way that the final message not only comes across clearly but resonates with the viewer, long after.”

“Customer feedback at every stage is vital too since, at the end of the day we have to exceed the customer’s expectations. This means having to keep a finger on the beating pulse of the customer from start to finish. Since inception this devotion to customer service has won rich applause from the market and today nearly all our customers have referred business to us. We look forward to building on our reputation and serving beyond expectations,” concludes Tsang.

For additional information please visit www.emotionlab.tv