STUART McCUTCHEON BARRETT faces the dramatic impact of global events on this premier learning institution to address the prevalent need for language instruction.

This financial and cultural hub of Asia remains perpetually abuzz with activity, its airports seeing more nationalities and delegations from around the world than most locales. Helping to temper the cacophony of the many different tongues spoken across Hong Kong, Q Language continues to promote the faculties of communication.

University students, business individuals, and anyone with a deep interest who flock to the city from foreign lands as well as locals seeking to venture out and find fortune beyond its shores can avail of the numerous English, Korean, Cantonese and Mandarin language courses the company offers. It has provided outstanding instruction and innovative services since its establishment in 1999.

Global Reach

“We have seen an enormous increase in demand for Mandarin language from overseas. The new generation of workers is seeking to be part of the Asian boom and is coming from as far afield as South America, the Middle East and Northern Europe to gain the language skills needed to succeed in their chosen careers,” says Group Director Stuart McCutcheon Barrett.

“Also, English courses are growing too with more diversity in actual language content. The requests are for industry-specific courses in business, engineering, medical and sports fields.”

The growth of Q Language did not come without setbacks, and global events play heavily into the group’s business.

“Due to the downturn in Central Asian economies, we did see a drastic reduction in enrollments from Russian, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. The issue was completely out of our hands since those potential applicants saw their assets devalue by up to 70%. So, it was fruitless trying to promote more in that geographical location.”

From this situation, an opportunity presented itself, and the company was quick to capitalize. “Our solution to ensure our figures did not suffer too much was to concentrate on other regions. Although it took time to materialize, we are now seeing good numbers of arrivals from other regions not previously seen at Q Language.”

More Attentive Service

“We are now seeing growth in new regions, plus a resurgence of applicants from Central Asia as they get to terms with their economy and find ways of financing their studies,” shares Barrett. The company continues to garner favourable reviews and testimonials from a growing pool of satisfied pupils worldwide.

“Political shifts which limit travel of citizens or result in limits imposed by the Government including immigration here in Hong Kong will always be an obstacle. However, Hong Kong remains extremely free and easy for most world travelers, and we are confident that this too will continue in the long term.

“Our School has established itself as the go-to place for overseas adult students wishing to come here for short or long term language improvement. Our key to success is providing much more than just language courses. Our services also cover housing, local excursion, visa service, travel arrangements, medical assistance and even shopping advice! This whole approach keeps us in a unique place among Hong Kong education providers.”

A distinguishing mark of Hong Kong enterprise is the resolute drive to seek and deliver value wherever and however necessary. Q Language certainly makes the cut through the tireless pursuit of offering more.

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