Bringing the best of Japan to the discerning Hong Kong market, WILLIAM CHAN, President of SUNWA MARKETING CO. LTD has brought both cultures closer and that’s called ‘adding-value.’

Sunwa has been in the FMCG market ever since the 1960’s. Having the experience of living in Japan, I realized that there are many great consumer products available to Japanese customers so why not bring these to our Hong Kong friends?” says William Chan, President of Sunwa Marketing Co. Ltd. 

Ever since then, Sunwa has acted as a trader to bring in these great products such as Gatsby, Mandom and many others for Hong Kong and Macau customers.

In 1993, we felt that in order to bring more products to our customers, we have to act as more than just a trader, and provide a one-stop-shop service, from importing to brand marketing. Thus, we founded Sunwa Marketing.”

Leading Position

As a sole agent for different Japanese brands, we pride ourselves in the ability in branding and advertising to build the reputation of many successful brands in Hong Kong such as Gatsby, Heroine Make (Kiss Me), Bifesta and many others. Before, we focused mainly on trading of goods. But to match with market needs, we developed our own sales & marketing team, to create strategies and plans for brands so that more Hong Kong customers can be aware of our products. Thanks to our loyal customers, our brands have achieved a leading position in different categories. Gatsby, has been the styling market no.1 brand for 7 years from 2008 till present,” explains Chan.

“As it is our mission to bring great products to Hong Kong customers, we strive to place our products at locations that are easy to see and easy to buy for our customers by building a strong retail network coverage throughout the past 20 years. Currently, our products are listed in most FMCG retail stores in Hong Kong.”

Customers First!

“As most of our goods come from Japan, our costs of goods are affected by the changes in the Yen. Around 2012, Yen strengthened against the dollar, which increased our cost of goods significantly. It would be easy if we just simply raise our retail price but we felt the burden should be on us, not our customers. Thus we maintained the same price for most of our products while focused our efforts to maximize our advertisements with a minimum budget we could afford. With the collaborative efforts of our staff, we successfully nurtured more brands while maintaining double-digit growth in sales,” says Chan.

Cross Culture

According to Chan, Japanese culture extends over all Japan’s cutting edge technology and products. “There is a growing market for Japanese-made products in Hong Kong since the Hong Kong consumer has always been fond of the famed Japanese attention to detail, cutting edge technology and smart thinking. The trick is to balance volumes versus margins while trying to open the market for each new product and grow a fan base of regular users of these products. Our strategy of collaboration with retailers and our advertising/promotion initiatives have reaped rich rewards. Mediazone Most Valuable Companies Services Awards is fitting tribute to the hard work and effort we have made to make this dream a success. It will inspire us to work harder and it will be a sign to our trade and customers that we are a quality company bringing quality products into discerning Hong Kong,” concludes Chan.

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