When you need a travel agent that caters to your every need, how and when you want it, you call STARWAY TRAVEL says its founder and President SAM CHAN.

When Sam Chan started Starway Travel he knew it would not be easy to make quick money in an industry that’s changing faster now than ever before. Budget airlines, boutique hotels are eating into travel margins not to mention the inroads the Internet has made in this industry. 

“Speed, efficiency and value are paramount as business and leisure travellers are growing increasingly spoilt for choice. No longer is the market exclusively the preserve of the big boys. Today, smaller, more flexible travel companies with stronger connections are making inroads into the hearts of travellers and reaping rich referral business,” says Chan.

Will-do Attitude

“I run my company from a customer’s point of view and that’s the difference in the quality of service I provide my customers with. Commitment to differentiation is vital and to that end, I have struck strategic deals with very select travel partners in our key markets like Korea, Malaysia, Thailand & Taiwan with a view to providing our Hong Kong travellers with as perfect a trip as possible. We provide quality, up-to-date information on the possibilities, tailor-make travel packages and deliver on our promises.”

New Markets

“We have always served the individual as well as corporate market but over recent years we’ve seen a slow and steady growth in incentive travel. Companies are looking to reward their employees with unforgettable holidays and we are the one-stop-shop they have begun to rely on. We have earned a reputation as a specialty service provider with a focus on delivering the ‘wow’ factor.

“Our website and facebook page have grown in popularity and we are today, the travel agent of choice where it comes to Korea and Thailand. Our customers tend to want to travel for the cultural experience which includes tasting the cuisine of the destination, experiencing the unique factors of that country, be it a native flower or animal, visiting iconic buildings and religious places and points of natural beauty.”

Reputation Matters

“Sustaining quality is the biggest challenge in this business and today you cannot afford to displease a single customer. You have to realize that the travelling public has expectations that have to be exceeded only then can you get repeat and referral business. Today, travel agents have to appreciate the power of the internet and how holiday makers’ photographs can become your best advertisers. Great holiday photos on social media bring in quality enquiries and very often translate to new business. This is our experience on a daily basis.

The other factor is the quality of service of our partners. Our Hong Kong customer expects the same quality in terms of product knowledge, ‘can-do’ attitude and value-added service from our local partners and of course, no hidden costs. This is what creates brand recognition and market applause in an industry as competitive as ours.”

The HKMVC Award is just recognition of our effort and the sincerity with which we serve our market so, I’d like to invite all the winning companies to explore ideas on the travel possibilities we could arrange for their executives. This Award is an inspiration to our team to continue the good work of serving our customers with honesty, ability and cost-effectiveness,” concludes Chan.

For additional information please visit www.starwaytravel-kr.com

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