A passion handed down from grandmother to mother to daughter, the art of artistic flower arranging resulted in TIFFANNY YIU YUN’s creation of TIFFANNY FLOWERS. Here’s why.

In 1993 Tiffanny Yiu Yun started Tiffanny Flowers – an expression of her keen eye for art and a heart filled with love for flowers and people. What she began way back then has brought smiles to countless many, gladded so many hearts and spread happiness where there might have been none.

“Only art and the flowers themselves must have done that,” says Yiu, confessing that she’s not the world’s best business-woman. “My mother and her mother were captivated by the innocence, beauty, colour, scents, charm and magic of flowers and I wanted my life to be about spreading joy and happiness to others so I started Tiffanny Flowers which fortunately has exceeded our expectations even as a business.”

Tiffanny Yiu Yun: “The only way to ensure loyalty in this business is to always exceed customer expectations.”

Steady Growth

The Hong Kong market has no shortage of flower suppliers but quality and art still commands the market’s respect, according to Yiu. She says: “while most tend to aim for the middle range of the market and supply intricate, we are spread over the upper end market that provides Taylor-Made Premier Decoration Services and Product Image Consultancy to suit business and personal needs.”

“We act as flower consultant that aims at raising the image for clients’ products in order to raise the profit margin and volume of sales by adding value to the products. We work closely with international brands, celebrities, movie stars, etc., their supports are our biggest motivation to finish every project.”

“Competition for the events market is increasing but on this front you have to establish a loyal customer base and the only way to ensure loyalty in this business is to always exceed customer expectations.”

Selling Bliss

“The way forward on the business front is to cultivate a love for floral arrangements and educate the market on the value of conveying appreciation and gratitude through the silent language of beautiful flowers,” Yiu says.

“Flowers also convey character and offices are awaking slowly but surely to the wonderful ways that fresh flowers in the workspace can totally uplift the spirit and impact executive’s productivity. Beautiful floral arrangements also make for brilliant photos worth sharing on social media. Flowers have a strong, positive impact on the human spirit, which is why leading hotels and restaurants use them to create an ambiance.”

“The power of social media is also changing our industry and we are working at using more online channels to share our floral art with flower lovers in Hong Kong. It is heartening to see more youngsters taking an interest in floral arranging as a hobby and incorporating non-fresh elements like candles, ribbon to give expression to their imagination and creativity. This trend will directly impact the market that will grow to appreciate the ethereal beauty of nature and art in majestic harmony,” concludes Yiu.

Exclusive video interview with Tiffanny Yiu at the “Mediazone’s Most Valuable Services Awards in Hong Kong 2016”

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