CHERRY WU, Co-founder, VEGPRO MANAGEMENT GROUP speaks on the changing face of the event management industry and the difference her firm makes to Asia’s most discerning market.

Cherry Wu, takes her business personally, which is why her event management firm is rapidly winning friends and influencing people in Hong Kong. Serving a market spoilt for choice, Wu’s penchant for taking her customer’s success as her own has reaped rich rewards in the form of satisfied clients and much resulting referral business.

“The market today demands one-stop-shop service which calls for a manager with ideas and resources. You’ve got to be able to serve as an advisor to clients and help them explore the possibilities within their budgets. The market is vast but it is also an unforgiving one where reputations are built and lost regularly,” says Wu.

Making a Difference

“We are passionate about each project from concept to completion and serve more as a facilitator than as a manager. We realize that every client is a potential advertiser of the quality of our service so we aim to impress with our ‘will-do’ attitude, understanding of the customer’s objectives and our considerably vast resources thus saving client’s time, money and effort.”

“It isn’t easy to gain a share in a saturated market so differentiation and specialization is crucial. Being smaller we bring to the table more flexibility, fresher outlook, cost-effective, pragmatic solutions. As a relatively new entrant, we are proud to have made a positive first impression and have our value recognized so earlier on in the game. We pick projects that we are personally interested in and margins are not really a priority for us at this stage. I like challenging myself and staying optimistic against all odds. I also like taking on socially meaningful projects as I enjoy projects that positively impact society as a whole,” says Wu.

What Clients Need

“Often customers have no idea just what can be achieved since they don’t have as much exposure to the vast range of possibilities as we do. This is where we act a consultant and provide more value-added service to our customers,” explains Wu.

“Social media has changed the way marketing is done today and we have the right expertise to help our customers ride this social media wave. The whole landscape of creative marketing has changed dramatically with the advent of the Internet and today’s competitive companies need a more proactive, engaging approach to their marketing need. Having succeeded in Hong Kong, we are taking our quality of services China-wide and helping countless companies target their customer base accurately. We are very humbled by our Award and wish to thank all our customers and peers in the industry for their role in our achievement. The Award will inspire us to reach for greater heights of professionalism and quality. We look forward to gaining more market share as we strive toward excellence,” concludes Wu.

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