In an industry where claims dwarf performance, initiative driven SALLY WONG SUET YIN, founded a public relations company that offers value-driven solutions.

Public relations is more than just a pretty face, style and fancy words. It’s about sweat, ideas, hard work and sometimes even tears, says Sally Wong Suet Yin, founder of Chivik Communications Ltd.

“The industry is due for a paradigm shift and it is the smaller, more experienced and flexible service providers that will bring about this change. The edge that smaller companies have is that they are able to train their personnel in the fine art of understanding the trade, appreciating the need to exceed customer’s expectations and get the job done swiftly to achieve the promised results. I’ve worked for other companies before and felt unable to serve my customer the way I’d like to have because of internal policy constraints.PR

One day, my former senior management invited me to set up a new PR company and we finally established ‘Chivik Communications Limited”. Later, I invited former colleague, Eliza Li, to join us. Li provides an impetus for us to open up new business in other fields.”

View to a Skill

“China is a giant market for PR industry because there are a lot of potential Chinese enterprises that satisfy HK’s listing requirements. Therefore, there is a market demand in PR industry in long run.

To grasp this opportunity, we chose to co-operate with various fund management companies while we started our business. With their network support, we are able to extend our business in China rapidly.

“We have two financial magazines – Lets go Moment and Share News Weekly. Chivik communications can publish news or client’s latest business development on these exclusive media platforms, in order to assist clients to reach different types of investors.

Chivik communications is one of the few communications consultancies in HK that provides one-stop financial PR services, including IPO/post-IPO retainer services, international roadshow, event management, business advisory and market promotions. Our one-stop-service helps client to simplify the processes and ensure seamless communications between Intermediaries.”

Apart from financial PR service, Chivik communications also delivers a unique “Business Advisory” service.

“With our professional financial point of view, we provide clients advisory on business development and upstream-anddownstream financial chain in a bid to benefit clients on sustainability and its long-term development in different aspects.”

Value Service

“The increasing competition is causing an adverse effect on PR companies competing on price. So, we strive to diversify, for instance, we extend our service to the financial printing market by forming an alliance with a financial printing company so as to enhance our one-stop PR service.

With the belief of ‘Whatever you take from the society, use them for the society’, we recently begun to serve NGOs. This move enables us to achieve social responsibility and increase our brand exposure outside financial market that we believe could benefit our business development.”

What Goes Around

“The success of Chivik communications is the fruit of the whole team. ‘People oriented’ is our business core value from the beginning. We value every member’s contribution, so as we do our best to create an ideal working environment. We might not have a fantastic setting in our company like Google but at least all our staff are happy to come to work. With appreciation to our member’s contribution, we give corresponding rewards to encourage them. We want our members to feel part of us and not only here to ‘make profit for the boss’. In order to achieve this, we would share our achievements e.g our members may be given company shares and become shareholder of the company. How we treat our members is how our members will treat our customers,” concludes Li.

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