Bouquet of Nature, With Love from France

Lavender Foaming Bath (40th Anniversary Limited Edition)

After a hard day’s toil at the sweat and grind, mercy came in the form of a test treat from L’OCCITANE en Provence. Undeserving as I often made to feel at work I dared to decide to pamper myself with an early evening bath.

I liked to set the mood so home alone I lighted a candle, let the water on, stepped out of my work zone and took in the steam.
A twist of the cap and the steam seemed to allow the rich lavender scent to gently float up and create the most ethereal realism.
I eased back and sensed the liquid heaven slipping onto my wet palm and as the eyes closed I caressed my hair as the hot water set my skin singing in joy.

In my mind’s eye a rustic field of the rich blossoms waved in the summer winds and a house of golden butterflies flitted up to kiss the clouds.

The bath became a dream bubble, a sort of ‘O’ as in L’Occitane unravel in the moment the time stopped.

I found my peace.

Rating: 4/5

$230/ 500ml

Lavender Rough-Cut Soaps (40th Anniversary Limited Edition)

Rough-cut but Smooth for Me

L’Occitane’s lavender line offers the new, rough-cut which I decided would be my days’ partner in cleanliness.

I am a “clean” freak. I wash my hands more often than anyone. Into the soap tray my wet hands are ready for the routine.
The soap began a dance of seduction with delightful lavender flowers trailing with lavender essential oils. Gentle touch on the skin with the product produced rich lather with the irreplaceable scent of the iconic flowers typical of Haute-Provence. The peaceful serenity drew you in with the heavenly lavender aroma.
The soap serves the practical use and the aim of a gift well.

Elegant violet diagonal lines in the packaging score.

Rating: 3.5/5

$120/ 2x100g

Shea Butter Hand Cream/ Shea Butter Delightful Rose Hand Cream

Light Hands Magic Fingers

Hands and feet are the most used body parts and they deserve just as much attention as my face.

Whenever it’s after hand wash I discover just how valuable hand cream is.

Thanks to L’Occitane’s hand creams, with rose and shea butter tested on my hands, dry and cracked from the harsh summer made a world of difference. Making my skin more supple that my fingers danced more merrily. The sense lasted for hours and the softness of my palms helped my fingers to glide over the morning keyboard, lending new energy to my expressive thoughts.

A definite gift for the self and someone you really love.

Rating: 4/5

$235/ 150ml

By Joyce Tsui