Timeless Gift of Nature

The Weekend – Spice Route Quinto Tea Set (5x50g)

See the world in a grain of sand, but sip its flavours in Tea WG Tea!

From Singapore, this labour of love brings to discerning tea tables, refined teas from countries best known in Hong Kong for their exquisite tea offerings.

The well-healed and tea connoisseurs will e drawn to the brand’s glamorous packaging which from a distance looks like the LV brand – perhaps fitting for a brand leader in the tea circuit.

This set of stylish visual treats wrapped in an elegant deep blue and gold box in which sit 5 beautifully painted dainty little boxes lovingly holding the exquisite strains of tea. It is nearly heart breaking to open the boxes and taste the aromatic and rare blessings of nature. One now understands what the raves are all about.

Every sip is a true enjoyment. Drunk hot, the pleasant aromas waft through the senses creating an almost ethereal mood.

I sit. I sip. I write and think of Ann Patchett who writes in Truth and Beauty.

“Writing is a job, a talent, but it’s also the place to go in your head. It is the imaginary friend you drink your tea with in the afternoon.”


Rating: 4/5

Tea for One Please! It’s a Quiet Afternoon!

Haute Couture Style Gift Set (French Earl Grey and Geisha Blossom Tea)

I see myself in a garden gathering with my best friends in life with silver plates and the finest tea pots and sipping through the instances of life with Tea WG Tea, raspberry-cream-centred macarons and fresh-baked scones.

I’d save the Earl Grey for my posh, hoity-toity friends but the exquisite green tea is for me a private affair.

The box and the lovely teas made for a great gift as well as a gesture of love to someone you love.


Rating: 4/5

By Joyce Tsui