LEO TSANG, Founder of SINGING SQUARE is passionate about honing local singing talent to perfection. His contribution to Hong Kong’s talent is indeed exemplary.

“I founded Singing Square in June, 2005 because I wasn’t satisfied with the existed vocal pedagogy and education in Hong Kong back then. With my passion for singing and providing vocal training, I decided to establish Singing Square in order to train singers with unique vocal pedagogy and techniques- the ‘Vocal Technique of Focus Voice ®’ (集中聲線歌唱技巧®) that I have dedicated my life into studying and discovering, so as to bring them to a higher vocal level,” says Leo Tsang, founder of Singing Square. 

View to a Skill

“There are a few well-known institutes or trainers out there but how qualifies they are and what they teach never affects the way how Singing Square is. I believe the vocal pedagogy and vocal training methods provided by Singing Square is the most effective way to improve singing,” Tsang says.

“I have improvised a lot throughout my years of teaching, I have adopted the ‘train the trainer program’ in Singing Square in which I train senior students to become tutors of junior courses, ensuring the quality of teaching.

“Instead of only teaching my students how to perform and interpret a song on stage, I focus more on training of the use of voice, the fundamental voice practices that enable vocal cord flexibility etc. This is the unique training skills system I found and own, the ‘Vocal Technique of Focus Voice ®’ (集中聲線歌唱技巧®) which has been trademarked by Singing Square in 2016.

Raising Standards

“Art is subjective, but real competence can be revealed over time.” says Leo, who has came through a long way since the establishment of Singing Square. With many vocal training methods, breaking through and developing new techniques is not an easy task. However, Singing Square has overcome difficulties, its students and singers’ ability have proven Singing Square’s success.

Tsang encourages his students to aim high and become strong singers who have the capability to top at the international level, likewise, he is planning to promote ‘Vocal Technique of Focus Voice ®’ to other Asian countries, nurture more diverse professional and amateur singers, leading Singing Square to becoming the best vocal training institute in Hong Kong.

For additional information, please visit www.singingsquare.com

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