Confident of market potential, MARCEL CORBEAU ushers in CUPPAZ a brand that brings you a choice of beverages for the right moment – with a difference.

“We are bringing choice and convenience to people who appreciate a good coffee, tea, or hot chocolate,” says entrepreneur Marcel Corbeau, about his brand Cuppaz. During his work in the coffee industry Marcel travelled frequently to Hong Kong and noticed not only that the coffee consumption in Asia is on the rise but that there were not a lot of choices for the consumer when it came to capsule coffee brands. “We believe that consumers want variety in terms of brands and products. We’d like to be the brand of choice for a multi-beverage capsule solution for hospitality, offices, and homes.”

Marcel should know about coffee. He’s Dutch and in Holland inviting someone for a coffee means ‘lets connect’, whether at home or in the workplace. Marcel has worked in the coffee industry for more than 15 years. During this time he lived with his wife Sandra and three children for 5 years in Brazil working with the No. 1 coffee company 3corações. It was after completing a project, which involved the launch in Brazil of a multi-beverage capsule solution invented by Caffitaly System, when Marcel and Sandra developed their dream.

So they decided to partner with Caffitaly System, an Italian coffee company and one of the largest capsule producers in the world, to bring technology that produces different drinks not limited to just espresso; alternative drinks such as filter coffees, teas or hot chocolates can be produced with their system as well. “Our consumers are free to be different at different moments of the day. You may start your day with an espresso, but switch to a calming tea in the afternoon, or a comforting chocolate in the evening. We want to engage with consumers in an authentic and transparent way to introduce more warm drink options to the market. This freedom to spoil yourself ‘in the moment’ is one of the remarkable traits of our Italian technology”, says Sandra.

Sustainable Quality

“In addition to having a great technology we also wanted to bring to Hong Kong great coffee”, Marcel continues. For us it was clear that we wanted to launch our product line with the best coffees from Brazil. We are very proud to be able to source our coffees directly from our partner 3corações that has an eye towards sustainability. Our Brazilian coffee is produced on farms with Rainforest Alliance Certification™. Every cup tastes fresh because the sealed capsule is only punctured at the time you’re ready to drink. There’s no spoiling of the beans from the oxidation when you open your package of beans, no messy ground beans to clean up, and there’s lots of flavor due to the two aroma enhancing filters inside the capsule. These characteristics make our coffee delicious. Besides our coffees we use real tea leaves in our perfumed earl grey tea and the finest cocoa beans for our indulging hot chocolate.”

Power to Transform

You don’t need a barista or a lot of space to make a quality espresso with Cuppaz. It’s literally just a simple press of a button on any one of the compact and elegantly designed machines. Lattes and cappuccinos are possible with the milk frother machine or – even more effortless – with a milk capsule. With the milk capsule you don’t even need to worry about refrigerating fresh milk. “Offices and hospitality establishments do not need to hire skilled staff to serve a great espresso to their valued customers”, Sandra says.

Be Inspired!

Cuppaz believes that when two or more people connect over a warm drink, captivating stories will be shared which will be inspiring to others. “Our vision is that Cuppaz is associated with choice. We hope that while enjoying a Cuppaz drink, you find yourself thinking of something you’ve heard, seen, read or imagined and that you’re inspired by it. You share it with someone and it intrigues that person to do something exciting. We at Cuppaz are continuously looking for ‘inspirers’ willing to share their stories with us so that we can share these with you. In fact James Hong, travel writer from Hong Kong, said on behalf of Cuppaz: ‘Coffee is the catalyst that narrows the distance between people,’” concludes Corbeau.

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