CYTECH TECHNOLOGY LTD, a semi-conductor distributing company based in Hong Kong, is making a difference to competitive brands and is keen on growing market shares, says HORACE LAI, chief technology officer (CTO) of the company.

Awarded the Hong Kong Most Valued Company (HKMVC) Award for the first time, Hong Kong’s most well-known award for corporate achievements, Cytech technology Ltd is humbly attracting enviable applauses in the market.

Founded in 1998, Cytech Technology Ltd. is among one of the fastest growing distributors of electronic components in Hong Kong, China, ASEAN countries and India region today. 

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Cytech has 20 regional offices, spreading across China and Pan-Asia regions, including Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Singapore, Malaysia and India. With over 300 employees, the company specializes in demand creation and meeting global supply of semi-conductor products. Cytech’s portfolio of services includes technical and logistic support, providing buffer stocks and total solutions to its global customers.

Quality First

Cytech distributes over 25 hightech semi-conductor brands from USA, viz. ALTERA, IDT, MICRON, LINEAR TECHNOLOGY and other reputable manufacturers. Each of the brands engaged is globally recognized, and every product being distributed by Cytech is the primary yardstick in measuring the total quality of the whole supply chain.

“The company’s objective is to provide products of high quality and up-to-the-minute specialized technology that meet every customer’s requirements. Approaching 20 years in the industry, we expect to see the potential demand for high-end-technology products growing in China and Hong Kong,” says Horace Lai, CTO of the company.

“On the other hand, globalization will also drive local users to urgently develop new products locally with the latest semi-conductor technologies. We hope that we can become the bridge to align all parties successfully through collaboration of the evolving semi-conductor technology.”

Trust and Passion

Lai says: “We have put effort in developing specific local market segments in China and Hong Kong, such as telecom infrastructure, automotive, medical equipment, as well as a wide range of industrial applications. We picked the markets that would match our knowhow and industry knowledge; and, initially we envisioned those markets might take a long time to grow in the absence of commitment by the relevant stakeholders. Fortunately, the trust that has built between us, our customers and our suppliers makes us succeed and competitive in China, for example, faster than expected.”

Apart from taking time and effort to develop our market segments, we also invest in our valuable human resources like engineers, technology specialists and supporting staff to support our customers’ projects. Our overall technical resources equitably share a significant portion of contribution to the success of our company.”

“In addition, our efficient, overall business flow is also a key to our success as it extends to all complex logistics in supporting both our customers and vendors. All these factors as mentioned above are not only a money matter, but they also involve in culture and vision of all individuals and organizations that are engaged in the whole distribution chain.

“We also offer our solution centre to our customers, so they may take a reference of our design for their early product launch,” says Lai.

China Focus

“Many companies in Hong Kong have moved to China, and recruited more people on the mainland, thereby changing the market direction. Of course, we continue to highly value our customers’ businesses in Hong Kong, although our focus is more in mainland China due to the market situation and business growth there. However, we still expect to see the return of Hong Kong market, and we will do our same best to support the businesses there as they occur.”

“We hope all parties continue to grow successfully, while we endorse that trust and passion are the two basic elements to make all of us and our businesses sustainable,” Lai concludes.

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