Summer’s heat is cruel. When I’m not out I’d like to spend my time investing my prime asset – my own branding.

Enjoy the power of beauty through others’ gasps with Biotherm.

Life Plankton Essence ($610/200ml)
In the harsh heat weather like this I am saved by the Life Plankton™ Essence. When my skin calls for its name every morning and every night, I love feeling the refreshing sea breeze scent flowing in when I gently massage the semi-watery essence to feed the thirst of my skin. It brightens up your skin tone, minimises pores, brings radiance and defeats fine lines.

For the best effect, add a drop or two into your foundation for replenish of moisture while you’re enjoying the new skin miracle.

BIOSOURCE Clarifying Cleansing Milk ($200/200ml)

A gentle cleanser for light makeup removal and a clearer skin tone. Enriched with L. Saccharina Extract, Life Plankton™, Glycerin and Allantoin it keeps a beautiful balance for skin hydration level.

AQUASOURCE Toning Lotion ($195/200ml)

Offers mild cleansing and gives you radiance by removing dead cells.

AQUASOURCE Hydrating Gel ($385 / 50ml)

It takes a little effort for people to notice how your outlook changes. As Biotherm’s No.1 bestseller this jar of moisture does a phenomenal job at making statements and claiming attention.

Gentle tapping makes the difference between heaven and the cruel summer. With 500 hours of hydration its gel texture delivers quick hydration and calms the thirst of my skin as I enjoy the chill.

This certainly deserves its name.

I like it when everyone can tell I’m on the right track. Don’t you?

Rating: 4/5

By Joyce Tsui