A great smile is an asset to any business or personal meeting which is why teeth-whitening brand Haring B is gaining market acceptance in Hong Kong, says its CEO and founder, RYAN JIN.

Hong Kong probably comes second to Korea when and where it comes to personal grooming. Teeth-whitening technology for the causal user comes from strips or gels and for the well heeled, you even have a teeth-whitening bar where you sit for hours with blue light playing on your teeth. Spotting a niche, the young Ryan Jin has put together a well-packaged teeth-whitening solution you can use on-the-go. More on the product and its uses, you find on its website but the interesting story is elsewhere. 

Filling a Niche

Inventing a product and filling a niche are not necessarily the same thing, you come to understand when you meet the impressive young Ryan Jin. Educated in America, Jin’s roots are in Korea; now synonymous with skincare and personal care products. “It was a challenge to make the design the kit that appeals not only as a use-on-the-go product but also as a gift,” says Jin speaking like a veteran marketing whiz. “Convenience is the fastest selling product in competitive Hong Kong where shelf space is at a premium. We’ve begun selling via the Internet for now but as popularity of the product increases we will be looking for distributors who are excited enough to want to bring this product to the Hong Kong market.”

Seeing tremendous scope in the territory, Jin notes that the HK-China market is a fertile consumer-base with the disposable income and the sophistication to appreciate the value his teeth-whitening kit delivers.

Return on Investment

Sold at a competitive price and delivered to your doorstep, the kit is user-friendly and has a gift appeal so growing a fan base for it will not be a challenge. The hurdle for now is, the cost-to-market for the young Jin. “Initially, it will be a struggle but once the product takes off, the sky will be the limit,” Jin says.

“Users have noted the brands commitment to a healthy lifestyle and that our product is free from harmful chemicals. Our message is clear – health and beauty adds value to lifestyle.”

While, he may well have a winner, will the establishment make way for the determined entrepreneur?

“I’ve always believed in the power of persistence and while I appreciate my brand will have to balance between volumes and margins in order to gain a foothold in this competitive market, I am sure that quality will take the brand forward. I have yet lots to learn at this stage but if I’ve come from concept to product development and to the market, I am sure of the future too.”


Social media and online selling seem to be the entrepreneur’s best recourse for now. It’s low costs to entry, speed of information sharing and the viral nature of the Internet may well take Jin closer to his goals but the test will be in the time it takes him to make Haring B the ‘go-to’ brand for quick, convenient, cost-effective teeth-whitening solutions.

“I intend to make the most of the Internet for marketing and sales and I realize that this will take time so for now, we are growing our sales slowly but surely using trials and gaining exposure through public events. Investors are showing keen interest in taking the brand to market faster and we are in negotiations with distributors in Greater China. Fortunately, the quality, uniqueness and success of the brand has already been recognized by Hong Kong’s leading English language business annual and recognition from receiving the prestigious HKMVC Award may well speed up our drive toward success. All I know for the moment is that I am young, but I too have a dream and I will work hardest to make that dream a reality,” concludes Jin.

For additional information, please visit www.haringbhk.com

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