Market-leading, non-invasive Medi-Spa THE FACE MAGIC HAVEN is raising the bar for Asia’s most discerning market. Its founder DEBORAH SIMS shares its success secrets.

Productivity is directly proportional to wellbeing and Deborah Sims founder of Medi-Spa, The Face Magic Haven knows this all too well.

Her Medi-Spa concept has won applause at home and abroad for its simple, consistent and qualitative service. A hit with the territory’s busy executives, services offered are non-invasive, result orientated treatments which hit the sweet spot. “The whole concept revolves around providing clients with that confidence, exuberance, knowledge of life-enhancing treatments and that personal attention, all of which have grown our client base exponentially.”

“We are a Medi-Spa not just a “Spa” as we only perform medical-related procedures and offer all non-invasive procedures. We are a “ Medi-Spa” Clinic and not a ‘beauty salon’ and so we are very unique.

The concept of our Medi-Spa is designed to give a feeling of luxury and tranquility with trusted results where our clients continue to come back over and over again. When a person walks into our Medi-Spa, we want them to feel comfortable and not be intimidated with the procedures that they might be having by relying on a professional and trusted brand that is the market leader.”

Quick & Effective

“It starts with being professional, giving the best advice with the best procedures using the best products and having the highest standard of doctors, nurses and technicians. Having now been in business coming into our 14th year we feel we have mastered the Medi-Spa art and so do our clients,” Sims says.

“Everyone can enjoy and benefit from our wide range of procedures and products. We are seeing an increasing trend where executive professionals are showing more interest in our Medi-Spa. The corporate market is demanding executives who look and feel confident and in control and importantly show no signs of stress. We have special procedures and services tailored for busy executives who have no time but demand maximum benefits.”

Filling a Niche

“I believe the business especially in the Medi-Spa business will continue to grow and will grow quite rapidly especially as we are facing an aging population. An aging population means people are increasingly concerned with their youthful looks and with the services we provide, we are able to cater to this very much growing segment,” explains Sims.

“We continue to receive awards for our Medi-Spa and more recently we have received international acclaim for being the Best Medical Luxury Spa in the Continent of Asia. This award is a recognition of us upholding our mission which is to provide our legendary discreet individual client service and the highest standards of non-invasive cosmetic procedures through our highly trained medical professionals and team.” Sims adds: “This is a business where reputations are best built (and lost) by word of mouth. The Hong Kong market is very competitive and clients are very discerning when it comes to more medically related procedures. Therefore trusted brand reliability is key to our clients and the success of our business.

This is why we’ve kept quality of our procedures and our after care as our key part of our mission to be the very best. We’d like to thank all our loyal clients and our Award winning team on this occasion of winning the prestigious HKMVC Award this year,” conclude Sims.

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