Riding the crest of Hong Kong’s health and wellness wave is NU LIFE with its well accepted concepts that permeate much of Hong Kong’s discerning market. Co-Founder NASSER KHAN talks us through the thoughts and reasoning behind his business.

Hong Kong’s aging population, the rising costs of medical care and increased awareness of health and fitness have combined to create a swell in the interest towards organic, natural proven foods that keep us fit and healthy.

The founders of Nu Life, Nasser Khan and Dr. Jawid Khan are both convinced that to achieve the best results in network marketing, people must cultivate the moral concepts of ‘sincerity’, ‘genuine care’, and must also maintain a good ‘conscience’. This can also help motivate and inspire others to do the same.

The pair founded Nu Life International, initially sharing an office of less than 70 sq ft and starting with only three products. Marketing its high quality nutrition products to an appreciative public since 1991, Nu Life celebrates its 25th Anniversary in 2016.

Since its inception, Nu Life has consistently demonstrated that sincerity, coupled with integrity and professionalism, make for a sound business model that can grow to unexpected heights. 

Green Your Body

The core of Nu Life’s business is a line of high-quality nutrition products that include organic, 100% natural plants extracts designed to improve lives through a holistic approach to wellness. These concentrated, naturally occurring vitamins and phytonutrients are blazing a trail in the cutting- edge market of nutrition science and gaining popularity in Hong Kong.

Nu Life has pioneered the concepts of ‘Functional Food Concentrates (FFC)’ and ‘Green Your Body’. FFC is a superior and affordable means of health preservation based on nutritional science breakthroughs in the 1990s. “Derived from natural foods and from phytonutrients, FFCs are concentrates that support optimal nutrition at a functional and genetic level, regenerating and facilitating cellular health. Green Your Body is a concept that helps people achieve better quality of life by strengthening bodily systems and enhancing bodily functions, as well as negating external factors that negatively affect our health,” according to Nasser Khan.

Nu Life selects its research and production partners based on their commitment to follow the strict procedures outlined by Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). As a result, the full range of FFC series products has obtained the wellknown Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre (STC) Mark Certification. Also, in order to ensure the highest quality standards, Nu Life has been ISO 9001:2008 certified. “This year, Nu Life is proud to launch a new FFC Supreme line and the first product under this line is SupaC. The FFC Supreme line offers a range of even more delicately formulated supplements that provide superior and comprehensive protection,” reveals Khan.

Change for Life

“It’s not just a question of awareness, but rather of cultivating good nutrition habits. This is where our direct selling business model excels, ensuring that our distributors believe in the product and recommend them unreservedly. Hong Kong is waking up to the importance of placing health before business, giving themselves that often neglected yet highly deserved downtime. People are now looking past the supermarket labels and seeing through the smokescreen. They are more aware of pollutants, misleading labels on products and the need for social responsibility.”

“Customer satisfaction has always been at the centre of the Nu Life philosophy, following the maxim “Products You Trust” by maintaining the philosophy of “only selling products that we, and our families take.

Its success has been further reinforced by innovative marketing strategies and the launch of diversified brands. The company serves its target markets with distinctly defined products that deliver precisely what is promised.”

“The company’s business plan concentrates on maximizing returns and benefits to distributors, along with corporate and staff interests. It is also designed to maximize rewards for effort, and to provide substantial, ongoing income. This model supports the premise that profits follow when people come first ! It also demonstrates how consumers’ changing perceptions of health and wellness are upsetting some powerfully established norms.”

For additional information, please visit www.nulife.com

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