Sighting a growing market for women’s personal services, NAIL BAR came into being and is setting a trend while filling a niche, says Managing Director ALEY CHANG.

“Before Year 2000, there were very few specialized nail salons while Hong Kong had hair salons for doing hair and spas for massage and skin care. With increasing demand for nail services and increasing variety of nail products and technology, we, at the time, felt it was the right time to have a specialized nail salon to fill the void. Hence, we set up our first shop in Pacific Place Seibu in year 2000,” says Aley Chang, Managing Director, Nail Bar.

“According to the latest government statistics, there is a continuous increase in female labor force (increased 0.3% in July 2016 from 2015), real salary index over middle-level, managerial and professional employees (increased 1.9% in July 2016 via 2015),” says Chang. 

Market Growth

He adds: “With an increasing female labor force with higher disposable income, their spending willingness on beauty-related products and services has naturally increased. Higher disposable income, increased awareness of beauty and health, new nail art materials and technologies, shortened life cycle of fashion and accessories and the speedy flow of beauty related information are all factors driving up nail services demand.”

Chang says of his Nail Bar; “We offer:

  • Speedy and high quality services
  • Customers feel good about how we treat our people – well paid with good benefit, continuous training; safe, comfortable and ergonomic working environment
  • Elegant, hygienic, comfortable and relaxing environment
  • 8 branches all over Hong Kong providing easy access to our customers.
  • High price/value performance
  • Well trained and courteous staff
  • Easy to get an appointment, because we are adequately staffed
  • We only use best available products to serve our customers.”

Challenges Ahead

“High rent, shortage of talent and consumer education on nail salon quality comprise the challenges we face in bringing our service to this expanding market but we are focusing in the Hong Kong market at this moment. We are building our shop network to try to connect our customers through points of residential, work and entertainment/social activities.”

“Our core values are the secret of our success. Caring, passionate, integrity and professional are our key aspects of our company core values. We care about our customers and our employees, hence we have happy staff serving satisfied customers. We are an organization that is passionate about what we do around customer centricity. We offer integrity, meaning we only do things that are beneficial to different stakeholders, employees, customers and society.

Our remuneration and training systems encourage and enable our organization to stay on top of what we do,” concludes Chang.

For additional information, please visit or Facebook: Nail Bar Limited Hong Kong

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