When shopping malls or brands need picture-perfect displays, they seek one company devoted to the craft of visual appeal. PATTERN PRODUCTION LTD shares its success secrets.

Pattern Production was found since 1st Jun, 2002 (International Children’s Day, “Pattern” in Chinese pronunciation sounds like “children”). Before that we have already made insects’ model, which was on sale in several department stores. Our promotion booth drew their sales & marketing department’s attention, which in turn asked us if we could produce props. Here after, we began making each brand’s display, designs and developed the props production business, says Chan Siu Ming, Founder & Managing Director. 

(left) Chan Siu ming, Founder & Managing Director with Chong Kwong Tat, Operation Director.

Quality and Perspective

The needs of Visual Merchandising (VM) for the retail field in the Chinese market have grown. The culture of shopping malls and consequently market promotions have changed and hence the needs of VM have obviously grown.

Over the past 14 years of cooperation with international brands, we’ve accumulated rich experience and have expanded our team to develop field of VM and shopping mall decoration.”

“Our clients mainly comprise international fashion brand, so our productions are good in quality and perspective. We also bring our rich experience to bear when advising clients on how to improve their designs and props.

“The advantage of working with our company and production team is that we bring hand-made skills and the use of multi-materials which can compensate for the limitation of factory use.”

Value Added

“We have established a professional logistic department which can follow up the process from packaging to delivery at the clients’ hand. We ensure its quality and on-time arrival. We also manage our workshop and work closely with our associated factory to ensure production runs smoothly. We will also propose new but good quality factory to client to make things better.

From the Heart

“Sometimes unique display or decoration is just like an art piece, that needs our Shenzhen teammates’ skill to finish. Nowadays, it is hard to find suitable professionals in market, so we educate and train talented people by internal training and “Pattern Project” for which we will cooperate with tertiary institutions in 2017,” says Chong Kwong Tat, Operation Director.

“We enhance our service comprehensively in VM field, such as production and supply of display tool, mannequins. We collect artists and characters, which are promoted in cooperation with brand and mall decoration’s usage.

Our success formula is simple. We believe that everything that can be imagined can and will come true if you do it with your whole heart,” concludes Chong.

For additional information, please visit www.pattern.com.hk

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