ANSON AU, Regional General Manager of INFINITUS speaks on the growing demand for proven TCM and the brand’s plans for growth.

Infinitus started business in China in 1992 and after consolidating, expanded to Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia in 2010. “Greater China being the origin of Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM, gives us a greater advantage as a TCM health supplement developer and Chinese have long since had a basic knowledge of TCM and hence market acceptance of our products has been widespread,” says Anson Au, Regional General Manager of the brand. 

“Meanwhile, global markets have grown more open-minded to TCM in the past decade and make it a growing trend in the industry. We will continue to develop our brands as a Chinese health regimen expert, to provide quality products, services and share easy-to-learn TCM knowledge, with a view to helping our customers live a balanced, affluent and harmonious life.”

Unique Culture

Infinitus, as the core business unit under LKK Health Products Group, boasts a unique corporate culture, which includes the core values of ‘Si Li Ji Ren’, the ‘Auto-Pilot Leadership Model’ and the spirit of ‘Constant Entrepreneurship, according to Au.

“Our unique Infinitus mission is to advocate the premium Chinese health regimen and nurture healthier lives with balance, affluence, and harmony.”

“We are special in our advocate of unique corporate culture – Si Li Ji Ren, which means considering the interests of all of us. It consists of three elements: helicopter view; thinking from others’ perspectives; caring about others’ feelings. Besides, as a direct sales company, we encourage our distributors to position themselves as part of the ‘shareholders’ of the company, and empower them to make decisions to build the brand and business.”

Health Philosophy

“Infinitus advocates premium Chinese health regimen that spans two thousand years to evolve our unique health philosophy, which aims to provide a total solution to our customers because the growing competition in the health supplement market is one of the key obstacles.”

Detailed content of the TCM philosophy is as below:

Life nurturing and vitality assurance

  • 3 Restorations: nourishing and regulation of Qi vitality, Yin & Yang and Zang-Fu (literally means “inner organs”).
  • 4 Habits: diet, rest, exercise and emotion. 1) Diet: Eat more vegetables than meat, and only 70% full. 2) Rest: Take a power nap for 20 minutes and sleep before 23:00. 3) Exercise: Walk 10,000 steps every day. 4) Emotion: Think positively.

Healthy life

  • Tri- Balance: The balance of health, family and business.
  • Tri- Affluence: The affluence of time, wealth and spiritual life.
  • Tri- Harmony: The harmony among individual, community and society.

Opportunities Ahead

“We intend to fully leverage on digital tools to expand our markets globally. The central thrust of our brand is to fully exploit our unique corporate culture and mission, our health philosophy plus quality products. We believe there is a growing market for TCM globally and people are looking beyond Western medicine for lasting remedies and health protection. This is the niche we fill as we go into the future prepared to face the challenges and seize the opportunities therein,” concludes Au.

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